Nail Varnish Review – Leticia Well XXL 67

Nail Varnish Review

Leticia Well XXL – 67

This is one of several nail varnishes I bought while I was holiday with my parents in Portugal. You really shouldn’t take me to a place where they sell nail varnish for €1 each, there was only one thing that was going to happen and that was that I was going to come home with a load of nail varnish, which is exactly what happened.

Leticia Well XXL 67

This is the first nail varnish I bought in Portgual and is from the brand Leticia Well. It is from the XXL line, which I am assuming is so named because of the size of these nail varnishes, they are 20ml, which is huge for a nail varnish. None of the nail varnishes seem to have names, this one is simply number 67.

This nail varnish is pretty much a neon green colour. I love neons in the summer and I love any kind of green nail varnish, so I was always going to like this. When I opened this nail varnish bottle it did smell a little bit different to most of my other nail varnishes, but I do also have nail varnishes in my collection which smell a lot worse (yes, I’m looking at you, Models Own Indian Ocean and Golden Peach).

If I like the colour enough, I can usually make any formula work for me, and I will admit to being quite pleasantly surprised by the formula of this nail varnish. It is a little thin, but it was fairly easy to work with and with three thin coats I got complete opacity and it was just about levelled out. And it was bright! Normally I would layer a nail varnish this bright over a white base to give it an extra pop, but I didn’t take a white with me to Portugal, so the photo shows three coats of the nail varnish and then a layer of topcoat. I found thin coats were the best way to go with this nail varnish and I did wait a couple of minutes in between coats otherwise I found that the nail varnish did drag.Drying time was fairly decent, but then I did use a quick dry topcoat and I was sat on a balcony looking at the sea, so I wasn’t in a huge rush for my nail varnish to dry!

And any bubbling you may see in the photo is from my topcoat. Despite putting my nail varnishes in the coolest spot in our hotel room, my top coat did not agree with the Portugal heat and went quite goopy.

So all I can say that €1 for 20ml worth of nail varnish, I’m pretty impressed. If I hadn’t bought so many other nail varnishes while I was there, I would definitely be putting this back on, but I’ve got so many others I want to try first. I am looking forward to trying this over a white at some point this summer though.


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