Outfit of the Day – Warm First Night Abroad

Outfit of the Day

Warm First Night Abroad

Expect a few Outfit of the Day posts from me not that I’m back from Portugal (unfortunately – wish I was still there!). This is my Outfit from the first night we were there, following a long day of travelling.

Portugal 2014 036

By the time we went out for our evening meal and to have a look at the town, I’d been awake for almost 20 hours, with a little nap once we had got to the hotel but I hadn’t really slept.Portugal 2014 032

My main aim for this outfit was to be comfortable, but also to look semi nice as it was my first night on holiday. And that first night also gave me chance to scope out things such as what the weather was like on an evening and how dressy places were.

I had travelled in a pair of jeans and was dying to change into something cooler. So I put on this light weight, light coloured pair of denim shorts from H&M, which have a drawstring waist and are super comfortable.

I paired them with this casual but smartish t-shirt from H&M, which is white, with short sleeves and a black palm tree on it and which says Palm Springs.


On my feet I wore a pair of gold (but a very silver based gold) gladiator sandals. These are from Dorothy Perkins and I’ve had them for years, they’re one of my favourite pairs of shoes for summer. And since I knew I was going to be wearing sandals a lot, I got my first ever pedicure before this holiday. In the end I went for a French tip, with a flower on my big toe, because although I usually like to wear bright nail varnish on my toes, I wanted something which would go with every outfit I wore.

Portugal 2014 788

For a fun summery look I used my bag from Accessorize which looks like a lemon segment. And to help tie it to the outfit I wore my white, yellow and black rubber bracelet that I got when I went to see Le Tour De France. I also still had on my Fish necklace that I got at summer camp, I always wear it when I’m travelling.

April Haul 072

My hair was straightened, but had started to go a but frizzy, probably due to the day of travelling and the humidity. But it still looked halfway decent, so I just tied the front two sections of my hair at the back of my head to keep them out of my face and left the rest of my hair loose.

On my nails I had a neon summer gradient design using a couple of different China Glaze nail varnishes. This is one of my favourite designs for summer, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of them while holding a brightly coloured cocktail!

Neon Sunset

My signature summer scent is Bronze Goddess by Estée Lauder and it is the only perfume I brought away with me. And the lip gloss I wore is Estée Lauder’s Electric Ginger Shimmer, which got its last hurrah on this trip as I desperately scrapped around the sides of the tube to get every last drop of product out! I have a feeling I may repurchase it at some point in the future because it has been my favourite lip gloss for so long.

April 2014 Haul

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