Nail Varnish Collection – American Apparel – Summer 2014

Nail Varnish Collection

American Apparel

As Of Summer 2014

Next up in my Nail Varnish Collection series are my American Apparel nail varnishes. I don’t have very many of them, but I really love each and every one of them. They are probably some of my most used nail varnishes and I seem to use them a lot in nail art. American Apparel are one of the few brands of nail varnish I have that did not make my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List, because I do use them all so much. I would love some more nail varnishes from American Apparel. They’re not the easiest brand for me to get my hands on, but they’re not the most difficult either. And for some reason, I really like the bottle shape, it might not mean much to some people, but if I like the bottle shape then I’m much more likely to buy from the brand. If I want a colour I’ll buy it no matter what the bottle shape, but it does help. You can see all the previous posts in the series clicking here but now on to my American Apparel nail varnishes.

American Apparel Collection (1)

American Apparel Collection (2)

In the first row are Dynasty, Coney Island and Palm Springs. I love using all of these together to create a sponge gradient, particularly with a blue and a darker colour to get a muted kind of sunrise look. Dynasty made my Top Five Purple Nail Varnishes List and when I get round to doing my Top Five Light Pinks I’m pretty sure Coney Island will feature.

American Apparel Collection (3)

And in the second row are Make Up, Cocoa and Raccoon. If I ever need a brown for nail art, it’ll be one of these three I’ll reach for. They’ve featured in so many of my nail art posts. I really must wear just as a manicure on their own sometime because they are really pretty.


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