Nail Varnish Review – Nails Inc Pudding Lane

Nail Varnish Review

Nails Inc – Pudding Lane

I bought Nails Inc’s Pudding Lane last summer but this summer I have fallen in love with it so completely that I just had to share it. Pudding Lane is part of Nails Inc’s Sprinkles collection which last summer was their take on the speckled nail varnish trend. I still really love that trend, a coloured base with one or two colours of small glitter in it.

Nails Inc Pudding Lane (1)

Nails Inc Pudding Lane is still available on the Nails Inc website but it is in there Get It Or Regret It section, so I’m guessing its not going to be around for much longer. Because of that it is for sale at a great price, much less than what I paid for my bottle.

Pudding Lane is a bright light to medium blue colour, with gold and a darker blue glitter in it. The formula is good on this, it’s a little thin but not difficult to work with. It was quite sheer on the first coat, but I always do a very thin first coat and then build up a colour with thicker coats. You’ll easily be able to get this opaque with two to three coats depending on how thick you do them. You also get a really good amount of glitter with each coat.

I like the brush size on Nails Inc nail varnishes, but that’s down to personal preference. I don’t like my brushes too wide as I do have quite small nails and I find the Nails Inc one’s easy to use.

I’m really loving this nail varnish for summer because the blue and gold combination is reminding me of the beach and the sea and swimming pools.

Nails Inc Pudding Lane (2)

I have three of the four nail varnishes which came out in the Sprinkles collection and all of them are named after a famous London street which has a sweet name. Pudding Lane is personally my favourite name because I’m a history fan and Pudding Lane once had Thomas Farriner’s bakery on it, where the Great Fire of London started in 1666. Which to me makes it kind of ironic that it is a blue nail varnish and in many ways reminds me of water, not fire!


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