Candle Review – Cushty Candle Co. Creamy Vanilla

Candle Review

Cushty Candle Co. – Creamy Vanilla

So Creamy Vanilla is the other candle I bought when I ordered from Cushty Candle Co. for the first time. You can see my review of their Strawberry Shortcake candle by clicking here. That review also goes a lot more in depth about the background on Cushty Candle Co. and how it’s founder Laura, makes the candles, which I won’t be going into in this review. However, you can find the Cushty Candle Co. website by clicking here.

Cushty Candle Co. Creamy Vanilla (1)

I hadn’t actually planned on doing a review on this candle, I was originally just planning on reviewing Strawberry Shortcake because I thought it was a more unique scent, but then I started to burn Creamy Vanilla. I tend to switch my candles up quite a lot and I decided I wanted something different, so I reached for Creamy Vanilla by Cushty Candle Co. Now I really like bakery scents and they make up the majority of my collection and a lot of those do have vanilla tones in them.

This candle is just straight up vanilla and while it is therefore very sweet it is not overpoweringly so. I will definitely be repurchasing this as I think it’s going to be lovely in the autumn and winter time, really nice and warming. But I know I’m going to have finished this one by then because I know I’m not going to be able to resist burning it.

This candle usually retails on the Cushty Candle Co. website for £5.00, although when I placed my order it was on sale for £3.00. Now you’re not being robbed at £5.00 and it’s an absolute bargain at £3.00. These candles are 225ml. Now a small jar Yankee Candle is 3.7oz and the handy converter on google says that that is roughly 109ml and they retail for around £7.99, so Cushty Candle Co. are definitely value for money.

When I first burned this I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to burn evenly and that I would end up wasting a load of product. After biting it for a second time though those fears disappeared as it burned completely evenly. I personally burn a candle for a couple of hours on an evening so if you’re not going to burn it for very long then that is something to bear in mind. In the end there was absolutely no wasted product, so I’m really happy with how this burns. These candles also last for a really long time.

Cushty Candle Co. Creamy Vanilla (3)

If you’re in the market for a new candle, I would definitely recommend Cushty Candle Co. I’ve already ordered a couple more of there scents and I can’t wait to try them. These are really good quality candles which smell amazing and are really affordable. They do also ship internationally for anyone who is interested. You can check out their website here, there Facebook page here and they are at Stratford upon Avon Waterside market on Sundays.

Cushty Candle Co. Creamy Vanilla (2)


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