Nails of the Month – June 2014

Nails of the Month

June 2014

The first colour I wore this month was Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Blue Hawaii. I needed something quick drying and this was already out from when I used it last month.

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Blue Hawaii

Then was this Ewok Nail Art design. You can click here to see how I created this look.

Ewok Nail Art (2)

Next I wore Butter London’s Jasper. I love this colour, but the formula’s not the best but that’s to be expected with a pale yellow nail varnish really.

Butter London Jasper

Then I wore Picture Polish’s Lagoon. It’s blue and sparkly, I was always going to absolutely love this nail varnish!

Picture Polish Lagoon

Then I layered Lac Attack’s Sand Goddess over Picture Polish’s Wisteria. I really like this combination together and Sand Goddess is quickly becoming one of my favourite nail varnish.

Sand Goddess over Wisteria

Next I simply wore e.l.f’s White. The original plan was to do some nail art over the top but I just didn’t have the time so ending up wearing white nails for a couple of days. White’s not really a colour I like to wear on it’s own, so this wasn’t my favourite manicure of the month.

e.l.f White

Then I wore Models Own’s Indian Ocean, another absolutely stunning nail varnish. You can see my review of this nail varnish by clicking here.

Models Own Indian Ocean (2)

Then I created a Jelly Sandwich manicure with China Glaze’s Ride The Waves and China Glaze’s Sour Apple. Ride The Waves is pretty much my favourite nail varnish for creating jelly sandwiches and Sour Apple looked amazing with it although the photo makes the manicure look more blue than it was, these two combined created an almost teal colour. And Sour Apple was on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List.

Ride The Waves and Sour Apple Jelly Sandwich

Next I wore Alanna Renee’s Avada Kedavra. It’s named after the killing curse in the Harry Potter series but the whole time I wore it it just reminded me of summer so much as it reminded me of the drink Limeade. It was also on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish List.

Alanna Renee Avada Kedavra

And finally I wore Nails Inc Pudding Lane, a lovely blue with blue and gold glitter. This nail varnish really reminds me of summer as well, it makes me think of the beach and of swimming pools for some reason. It is also another nail varnish from my Unfeatured List.

Nails Inc Pudding Lane (1)


11 thoughts on “Nails of the Month – June 2014

  1. I recently bought loads of elf products, including a nail varnish. So excited to try it, pretty new to me there nail varnish! Might try it tonight, always do my nails on a Sunday ready for the week 🙂 great post x

  2. e.l.f have some pretty decent nail varnishes, although I don’t have as many as I used to. I love their Mint nail varnish and their Lilac one. Which ones did you get? xxx

  3. 🙂 I wasn’t so sure on the white but I ended up wearing it for a couple of days. And Butter London’s Jasper is lovely, although the formula is a little streaky. xxx

  4. I just posted about my haul actually! Lol I got one called Mango Madness. Tried it out yesterday and it’s such a nice colour. It’s lasted me all day with no chipping too. Pretty impressed so far to say they are only £2.50 x

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