Nail Varnish Review – Models Own Indian Ocean

Nail Varnish Review

Models Own – Indian Ocean

Models Own Indian Ocean is one of my favourite nail varnishes for any time of the year. It looks great in summer and also in winter and I simply had to share it. It is a pale baby blue colour, which has an icy tint to it if you get my meaning, and a multichrome shimmer running throughout with goes from purple to pink to orange to gold. It is simply stunning on the nails. I’ve had this nail varnish for a good couple of years but I know it’s still available, both at Boots stores and on the Models Own website.

Models Own Indian Ocean (1)

Indian Ocean is from the Beetlejuice collection and is the only nail varnish I own from that collection. Models Own aren’t my favourite nail varnish brand, but I have started to appreciate them a lot more recently.

This nail varnish is quite sheer, it will take three to four coats to get opaque depending on your nails and how thick you do your coats. Being quite a light colour it does take a little while to dry. But I think the colour is totally worth it. And to be honest, it’s one of the easier Models Own formulas to work with.

Models Own Indian Ocean (2)

I really like the Models Own brushes. But that is personal choice, I personally prefer a skinnier brush, but I know a lot of people don’t.

If you read my review of Models Own Golden Peach then you’ll know I had one major complaint about that nail varnish. And unfortunately I have the same complaint about Indian Ocean. This nail varnish stinks. And I mean it completely reeks of a really strong chemically smell that I’m almost scared to think about what actually is in this. I need to have my window open when I’m using this nail varnish. As I stated my bottle of this nail varnish is a couple of years old and I’d hope that Models Own will be getting the chemical stuff sorted out with their nail varnishes.

That being said, it isn’t going to stop me wearing it because I love this colour, it’s probably my most used Models Own nail varnish. I can never get over how pretty this colour is. I hope you can see the colour shift in my photos, it was a little hard to capture.

Models Own Indian Ocean (3)


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