Nail Art – Star Wars – Ewoks

Nail Art

Star Wars


So, I always knew I wanted to do some more Star Wars nail art, but I hadn’t really envisioned it being Ewok nails. I had toyed with the idea of Ewok nails but it wasn’t my first choice. But I am quite happy with how these turned out.

I went to stay with one of my closest friends, Lesley and introduced her to my blog. (Hi Lesley – I know you’ll be reading this at some point!). She’s one of the few friends who knows I keep a blog and she insisted on showing her husband some of my nail art. Nothing we showed him could beat the R2-D2 nails we showed him first and he was the one who challenged me to do Ewok nails. He also said that if I did he would take Lesley back to the lovely coffee shop we went to in Bakewell and get her a piece of the chocolate cake we were eyeing. And as this is scheduled to go live the day after Lesley’s essay is due to be handed him, you need to tell Meo he has no excuse not to take you! And I’m very jealous that I won’t get to try a piece of that cake!

Ewok Nail Art (4)

Ewok Nail Art (2)

Now, on to how I actually created these nails. As always I started with a basecoat and I am currently using Collection 2000′s Nail Care 2 in 1 Base Coast and Ridge Filler with Keratin. Then for the background for my Ewoks I wanted a forest type effect, since the Ewoks live on the forest moon of Endor. I began by painting my nails a dark green, I used OPI’s Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow. Then using a thin nail art brush and a lighter green nail varnish, I used Butter London’s Wellies, I wiped most of the varnish off my nail art brush and added the tiniest amount of light green over the dark, I wasn’t too careful about this as you can’t see it too much behind the Ewoks but it just gives a slight forest effect. I didn’t paint an Ewok on my thumb, so you can see this effect better on that nail.

Then using an orangey browny, caramel colour, I used China Glaze’s Desert Sun, and a small dotting tool I created a large semi circle and filled it in on the bottom part of my nail. Then still using the small dotting tool and a grey beige greeny colour, I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine’s Olive I created an oval shape in the middle of my original semi circle.

Still with the same dotting tool and a light grey colour, I used OPI’s Skull and Glossbones, I drew two small triangles on the top of the semi circle to create the outline of the ears. Then with a browny colour, I used American Apparel’s Makeup, I filled in the middle of the triangles. Then to add some definition to the ears I took a darker brown, I used American Apparel’s Cocoa, and my nail art brush, I once again wiped most of the nail varnish off the brush and then dabbed it over the triangles.

I also wanted to add some definition to the face, so using the grey colour, OPI’s Skull and Glossebones, and again wiping most of the varnish off my nail art brush, I dabbed it over the oval shape I’d created in my original semi circle.

Then with a small dotting tool and a dark brown colour, I used American Apparel’s Raccoon, I added two small dots to the oval. And then with a slightly lighter brown colour, I used American Apparel’s Cocoa, I added a small horizontal line underneath them.

And finally I finished everything with a topcoat, I used A-England’s The Shield. What do you think?

Ewok Nail Art (1)


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