Candle Review – Cushty Candle Co. Strawberry Shortcake

Candle Review

Cushty Candle Co. – Strawberry Shortcake

So, I heard about the Cushty Candle Co. from Clare at Clare’s Beauty Blog. If you haven’t seen her blog already, the you need to go and check it out. Anyway, Cushty Candle Co. is ran by her friend Laura and when Clare found out I like candles she recommended them to me. I happened to mention that I had bought two as I was in the market for a new candle and was asked if I would do a review, which I am only too happy to do. Although I would like to point out that I purchased this candle (and one other) with my own money and this is my unbiased opinion of this candle. You can find the Cushty Candle Co. website here.

Cushty Candle Co. Strawberry Shortcake (1)

I’m going to start with the scent. Now describing scents is not a strong point of mine so you’ll have to make do. I love bakery scents, so I was always going to like this. This does have a sweet bakery scent but then on top of that there is also a different extra sweet smell, which is the strawberry part. The scent is strong but not over powering and you can definitely smell it when you’re burning it, especially if you leave the room and re-enter it. It smells nice when you smell it in the tin, but as my sister said, it smells even better when you burn it.

This candle burns very evenly, I’ve been burning it for about a week now and it’s burned completely evenly, I don’t feel like any product has been wasted. I’ve also been burning this for hours at a time but it doesn’t seem to be going down any so I have high hopes for the burning time of this candle.

Cushty Candle Co. Strawberry Shortcake (3)

Cushty Candle Co. has a range of scents available and are currently working on fruity scents for summer before they will begin working on scents for autumn. New scents are launching fairly frequently and I’m already debating another order (I’ve totally got my eyes on Ocean Fresh, Apple and Blackberry and Mint Choc Chip). They are also in the process of starting a collaboration with Fellows Essential Gentleman, a natural male grooming company who specialise in facial hair and shaving, as well as branching out to fashion and clothing. Cushty Candle Co. created a scent to test the waters and so far had proved successful and they’ve asked for a few exclusive scents just for them. The current scent is Feng Shui and Sandalwood, but that will be closely followed by Coffee House and a few other more male orientated scents and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on Coffee House somehow, it sounds amazing!

The candles usually retail for £5.00 and shipping in England is £3.00 for the first item and then 50p for each additional item. There are often offers though and I got the other candle in this order on offer for £3.00. When I look at the quality of these candles and look at the price of some other candles I can’t believe the price of them. They’re an absolute steal!

When I first contemplated doing this review, I emailed Laura, the founder of Cushty Candle Co., with a couple of questions, mainly around scents, ingredients and cruelty free products. All Cushty Candle Co. candles are made with natural soy wax and Laura explained this is because sou wax has a low melting point, so the scent is noticeable quite quickly after the candle is lit compared to parafin wax which is a much harder wax. Parafin wax is commonly used, but they are derived from petro chemicals which Cushty Candle Co. would like to stay away from. Cushty Candle Co. use use fragrance oils in there candles and Laura said they make sure their stockist for oils have provided scents that have no known toxicological hazards.

So, if you’re in the market for a candle, I definitely suggest you check at Cushty Candle Co. Their candles are brilliant quality at a really great price. You can check out their website here, there Facebook page here and they are at Stratford upon Avon Waterside market on Sundays.

Cushty Candle Co. Strawberry Shortcake (2)


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