Nail Art – Watermelon

Nail Art


So I wanted to do some quick and easy nail art one night and I also wanted to use some of my brighter colours. The result was these Watermelon nails. I’ve created Watermelon nails before, as have loads of other people, but I wanted to share my brighter (I’m tempted to say neon) take on them.

Watermelon Nail Art (2)

As always I started with my normal basecoat, A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted all my nails with a bright pink nail varnish with a jelly type formula. I used Barry M’s SLE2013A for this, which is the bright pink limited edition colour they came out with at Superdrug last summer. This gives the nails a nice juicy look, the last time I done Watermelon nails I used a much darker pink, but I think I like this look more. SLE2013A is also on my Unfeatured Nail Varnish list somehow, I’ve definitely wore this varnish on my toes last summer but it has never featured on my blog.

Normally when I am creating Watermelon nails I would do a French Tip in my darker green nail varnish, but because I was going for a bright look for this design, my lighter green was quite sheer, so I created a thin French Tip with the lightest green nail varnish I used – Barry M’s SLE2013B, the sister nail varnish to the pink I used but in bright green – and then drew on small vertical lines in my darker green – Barry M’s Watermelon (also on my Unfeatured List) – and this created the top layer of the watermelon’s rind.

To complete the watermelon’s rind I added a a think line underneath the green French Tip using Zoya’s Snow White.

And to finish the watermelon look I drew three small black vertical lines, using A-England’s Camelot, on the pink part of my nail underneath the white line, to form watermelon seeds.

Then I sealed everything in with my favourite topcoat, A-England’s The Shield.

Watermelon Nail Art (4)

Watermelon Nail Art (3)


8 thoughts on “Nail Art – Watermelon

  1. Hi! I love this, and I think your blog is great:) Im a huge nail polish fanatic haha. I’m Kate and I’m really into styling and writing. I think you would really like my blog, check it out, I would really appreciate a follow back 🙂

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