Bath Melt Review – Bomb Cosmetics Forget Me Not Bath Creamer

Bath Melt Review

Bomb Cosmetics – Forget Me Not Bath Creamer

The Forget Me Not Bath Creamer from Bomb Cosmetics is one of only two products I have repurchased from Bomb Cosmetics. You can see it in hauls here and here. That is not to say that I’ve disliked any of the products I’ve bought from Bomb Cosmetics, they just have so many other products I want to try as I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them so far. So the fact that I have repurchased this speaks volumes about how much I like this product.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (10)

I always describe Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamers as a mix of Lush’s Bath Bombs and Bath Melts. They work very much like a bath melt with all the lovely oils and the creamy texture but when you put them in the bath they also fizz like a bath bomb, although much more slowly. This is something I especially like about the bath creamers as I enjoy watching them fizz away.

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Creamers are fairly small in size, only 30 grams, but I quite like that as you don’t feel like you’re wasting a load of product. And the small size also means they are a really reasonable price, all the bath creamers I have have bought from Bomb Cosmetics have been between £2 to £3.

The Forget Me Not Bath Creamer is a white bath creamer which is studded with little purple flowers and purple sprinkles. It looks super cute, as do all Bomb Cosmetics products, in appearance terms I would say they are even better than Lush, all their products look amazing.

Forget Me Not Bath Creamer (1)

I originally bought this as I am looking for something that will be similar to Lush’s Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (you can read my review of that here). If anyone has any suggestions I would be over the moon to here them. I think I was drawn to this was the similar colours, the white and the purple, even though I knew that Violet, the scent I was really looking for, was not listed as a main ingredient in Forget Me Not. However I do get a hint of violet in Forget Me Not, but that could be completely imagined as I want it to smell like that and I am hopeless at describing scents. Forget Me Not has a very soothing scent, ever so slightly floral, which I think is lovely for Spring. Since this is such a small product the scent is not over powering but you can still smell it.

With this being a white coloured product it doesn’t turn your bath water any amazing colour but instead just gives it a nice milky effect. Although these bath creamers do fizz, they fizz a lot more slowly than a bath bomb or a bath blaster would. One thing I have found with Bomb Cosmetics products is that the sprinkles or anything like that studded in or on top of a product never seem to dissolve unless you crush them between your fingers when you’re on the bath and instead stick to the sides of the bath. But that’s really the only clean up required with this product and they wipe away really easily.

Forget Me Not Bath Creamer (2)

Forget Me Not Bath Creamer (3)


So yeah, overall I really like this product and it is close enough to what I was looking for that I will probably continue to repurchase this. I haven’t yet had a product I’ve bought from Bomb Cosmetics that I’ve been disappointed with but some are more to my tastes than others and this one is definitely to my tastes and therefore I’d definitely recommend but as always everyone likes different things. But if you can I definitely recommend you go and check out Bomb Cosmetics and try whatever takes your fancy, I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.


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  1. Thank you so much! I will definitely do this although it may take me a little bit as I have some posts scheduled that I need to get up first. xxx

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