Nail Varnish Review – Models Own Golden Peach

Nail Varnish Review

Models Own – Golden Peach

I’ve had this nail varnish for so long and was quite surprised that it hasn’t featured on my blog when I complied my list for my Nail Varnishes That Haven’t Featured On My Blog post. I really do like this colour although now that I think about it this varnish does pre date my Nails of the Month series, if it does not pre date my blog itself. So needless to say I’ve had this nail varnish for a couple of years. Despite the fact I’ve had this nail varnish for years I know that it is still available, both in Boots and on the Models Own website.

Models Own Golden Peach

Golden Peach is from Models Own’s Tropical collection. And as the name suggests it is a lovely peach colour with a soft gold shimmer. This is one nail varnish that definitely suits it’s name, Golden Peach describes it perfectly and I also think that that is a really pretty name. It is an absolutely stunning colour and I’m not even a big fan of peach or coral shades.

One thing that surprises me every time I use this nail varnish is how well it applies. Some of my Models Own nail varnishes can be tricky to apply until you get the hang of them but this applys really well. The formula is pretty much perfect, it’s not too thick nor is it too watery. It does apply streaky on the first coat but with such a light colour that’s pretty much to be expected. It is completely opaque in two to three coats although I find its best to wait a couple of minutes in between coats otherwise it drags a bit I’ve found.

However, there is one huge negative to this nail varnish. The colour and the formula are amazing but unfortunately this nail varnish stinks. And I mean it completely reeks of a really strong chemically smell that I’m almost scared to think about what actually is in this. I need to have my window wide open when I’m using this nail varnish. As I stated my bottle of this nail varnish is a couple of years old and I’d hope that Models Own will be getting the chemical stuff sorted out with their nail varnishes, as none of the nail varnishes I got in my Models Own haul here have this strong chemically smell. If you’ve got Golden Peach recently please let me know if you have a problem with the scent of this nail varnish.

That being said I will still continue to use this nail varnish because it is a gorgeous colour and the peach with the gold shimmer just reminds me of sunshine. I think this will be a perfect colour to wear on holiday, especially if you’re going to the beach.

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