Haul – Zara, Topshop, H&M, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero – May 2014


Zara, Topshop, H&M, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero

May 2014

I have been such a shopaholic recently, which totally isn’t like me, and I have no excuse except that my younger sister is a bad influence when we go out. And as she’s the only sister I have I often can’t resist treating her to a few things, since I’m the one with more disposable income. Although one this trip to York I bought for us in some shops, and she bought for us in others. That’s just the way we end up doing things. A lot of what we bought was makeup once again, and in particular lip products, both my sister and I are obsessed with lip products at the moment!

Starting with Zara, I got this super cute light yellow t-shirt with a picture of a cactus on it and the phrase “I’m Awesome Hug Me”, which I just thought was so cute and I thought the colours in it are perfect for spring! I can’t wait to wear it with some pale jeans and sandals, if only the weather would cooperate! It’s definitely still too cold for sandals here at the moment!

May Haul 046

From Topshop I got a pair of gladiator sandals in a medium tan type colour. I’ve been eyeing these for a while and I can’t wait to wear them, when the weather gets a little warmer. These will definitely be going to Portugal with me this summer.

May Haul 032

Also from Topshop I got two nail varnishes. Again I’ve been looking at these two colours for a while and Topshop seem to change there nail varnish line so often that if you like something you need to buy it fairly quickly. The orange on is called Stage Dive and the blue is called Celestial.

May Haul 034

From H&M my sister bought me a new phone case which is a pale pink colour with a pastel beach scene on it.

May Haul 008

Also from H&M I got myself another necklace, I really seem to be about statement necklaces at moment. This one is an antique bronze type colour and has two disks of different sizes on it. The smaller disk has the word “trust” on it and the larger disk has the word “honest” on it. I’ve already worn it and think it is nice to add a touch of something to a plain top.

May Haul 011

I got a few things from Superdrug, it seems like every time I’m in that store I need to buy something and then I end up buying other things as well!

May Haul 017

Firstly I got my regular moisturiser from Olay. This is my Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Everyday Sunshine Moisturising Cream. I always get the one in light. I’m halfway through the tube I currently have and these were on 50% off so I got one while I had the chance.

May Haul 020

I also needed a new Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All In 1, as I’ve almost finished my previous bottle. I use this every time I’m removing my makeup.

May Haul 028

There are so many Barry M nail varnishes I want at the moment but I managed to restrain myself and only got one. This is one from their Gelly Hi Shine range and is in the colour Sugar Apple.

May Haul 030

I’ve been obsessed with different lip colours recently and have bought loads, goodness only knows if I will actually be brave enough to wear them. This shopping trip was no different. I got myself another Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick from Bourjois Paris and this is in the shade Orange Punch.

May 2014 Haul (1)

My sister bought some products from Revlon whilst we were at Superdrug which meant she qualified for a free nail varnish which she gave to me. This is packaged as being released for Superdrug’s 50th birthday but it is in the colour Gold Coin. I’ve wanted this nail varnish for such a long time as one if my favourite YouTubers, Andrea Matillano used to talk about this all the time.

May Haul 014

From Boots my sister bought me two lip colours. Both are Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipsticks from Bourjois Paris and these are in the shades Red Sunrise and Red Island. They are both stunning colours and I hope I’m brave enough to use them on a regular basis.

May 2014 Haul (3) May 2014 Haul (2)

And then my sister and I found an American sweet shop called Candy Hero and we both got a couple of things which I couldn’t resist sharing with you. First is a pack of two Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups. You can buy these in other places but they’re some of my favourites so I got them while I had the chance. I got a packet of Lifesavers in Peppermint. These are basically Polos but somehow they seem to taste better. I got some Peanutbutter M&M’s which were absolutely amazing. I so need to get another packet of these somehow. And finally we both got a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans inspired by Harry Potter. You used to be able to get the Harry Potter sweets in England years and years ago but they disappeared so we couldn’t resist when we saw these!

May Haul 003

4 thoughts on “Haul – Zara, Topshop, H&M, Superdrug, Boots and Candy Hero – May 2014

  1. A really good haul! That moisturiser looks nice – I wanted a new day one, I’ve been using the garnier moisture match ones but it hasn’t been lasting too long!

  2. My mum introduced me to it over a year ago now and I’ve used it pretty consistently ever since. I’ve never tried any of the Garnier ones, but now I think about it I’m pretty sure I’ve got a small sample sachet of the moisture match, I might get round to using it eventually! xxx

  3. Hello there, I would love to know WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THE SLEEVE OF THE ZARA SHIRT PLEASE? 😉 and also, do you sell it? xxx lovely blog btw xoxo

  4. Hi,

    Merry chrisrmas cutie! Please can I know what’s written
    On the side of the cactus zara shirt sleeve? 🙂 thnxxxxxxx

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