Outfit of the Day – Relaxed City Sightseeing on a Warm Spring Day

Outfit of the Day

Relaxed City Sightseeing on a Warm Spring Day

So this is the second Outfit of the Day post from my trip to Paris back at the end of March. This is the outfit I wore on our second and last full day in Paris, when we had a much more relaxed schedule than the first day. You can see my Outfit of the Day post for our first day by clicking here. On this day we went to the Palace of Versailles and then went in Notre Dame Cathedral on our way back to the hotel. This was my favourite day, I absolutely loved Versailles, particularly the gardens and especially the music gardens.

Paris 2014 195

In front of the gold gates at the Palace of Versailles.

It was really warm this day, something I wasn’t entirely prepared for. I took a woolly hat and a pair of mittens with me to Paris, but suntan lotion for March? Er, no, totally not prepared! I was wearing the more casual pair of jeans I took, which are my skinny black high waisted ones from Henry Holland (seen in previous Outfit of the Day posts here, here and here).

With them I wore this three quarter sleeved black lace top from Zara with a really nice patterned design picture on the front and I layered this over a plain black strap top from H&M. You can see the top from Zara in this haul post here.

December 2013 Haul (4)

I wore the same shoes as the previous day, my converse style black high tops with studs on from New Look and I also had my leather jacket from Star by Julien Macdonald with me, but I carried it more than I wore it!

Winter OOTD (2) March 2014 Haul (5)

Again, I used the same bag, this lime green small satchel from Topshop which I borrowed from my mum. It was the only small bag I took as we had to pack light, we only had one suitcase between us, and I had to pay extra for that!

Paris OOTD (2)

Same as the day before I had on a splash of Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume and had Zoya’s Stephanie on my nails.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Paris 2014 249

In the Kings Bedchamber!!!

Paris 2014 341

Enjoying an ice-cream in the Palace gardens.


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