Products I’ve Finished – April 2014

Products I’ve Finished

April 2014

I’ve decided I’m going to try to make my Products I’ve Finished posts a monthly thing and I have a few products to share this month. I’ve got a lot more products than I thought I would, I seem to have come to the end of a lot of things at the same time, I definitely don’t think next months post will have as many items as this. Some other things have also probably been used up, but I live at home with my parents, so things like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste etc stays in the bathroom and is shared. The products which feature in my Products I’ve Finished posts are the things which are solely mine.

Products I've Finished April 2014 (1)

First up, I’ve finished a pack of makeup wipes this month. These are the Garnier Simply Essentials makeup wipes (and can be seen in this haul post here). These were okay, but I prefer my Johnson’s ones.

Products I've Finished April 2014 002

I’ve finished a PocketBac anti-bacterial gel from Bath & Body Works this month. This one is in the scent Midnight Pomegranate, which I quite liked. I liked it more than Fresh Sparkling Snow, which is the last one I used, but didn’t like it as much as Island Nectar, which I am seriously considering repurchasing.

Products I've Finished April 2014 009

From my 10 Products I Want To Finish In 2014 project, I have finished my Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Scrub. I really enjoyed this when I started using it again and have re-realised why I have repurchased this so many times. I don’t have another exfoliating face scrub at the moment, so I’m either going to need to find something, or repurchase this again. If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Products I've Finished April 2014 011

Also from Superdrug’s Tea Tree line I have used my Tea Tree Mud Mask sachet (it can be seen in this haul post here). I quite enjoyed this, but in terms of Tea Tree face masks, I prefer The Body Shop one, which I am totally debating repurchasing, as it featured in last month’s Product’s I’ve Finished post.

Products I've Finished April 2014 017

I have finished my Aloe Calming Toner from The Body Shop, which can be seen in my Body Shop haul, here. I took this to Paris with me and used it for the first time when there and I absolutely fell in love with this, it is so soothing! I have already repurchased this.

Products I've Finished April 2014 015

I have also finished my Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner. I like this, this must be my second or third bottle of it, but I’m liking the Aloe one from the Body Shop a lot more at the moment. If I ever get sick of that one, I would not hesitate to repurchase this one from Simple, but at the moment it is the Body Shop one that I have repurchased. This was also on my Products I Want To Find list.

Products I've Finished April 2014

I have used a sample of the Citrus & Neroli Detangler from John Masters Organics this month. It said on the back of the sachet that you could use it as a leave in conditioner, which I did, but I do have another sample of this and I’m going to wash it out next time and see if I like it better that way. It smells amazing, but at the moment I won’t be running out to buy a full size of this.

Products I've Finished April 2014 (2)

As per usual I have finished a bottle of nail varnish remover. This is the usual one I use from Elegant Touch, the Get ‘Em Off remover. I love this stuff, but it is so hard to find at the moment it seems, the last couple of times I’ve been in Superdrug and Boots, neither of them have had it, so annoying!

Products I've Finished April 2014 013

I have finally finished my Princess by Vera Wang perfume. I have had this for years, and I mean years. My mum originally got me this when I didn’t wear perfume everyday, but it has been something of my signature scent this Spring (along with Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle). This has been on my shelf for so long that it now looks really strange without it! And this is another item I can cross off my Products I Want To Finish In 2014 list.

Products I've Finished April 2014 007

Also on the perfume front I have finished a sample size of Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein. Although the sample only contains 1.2ml’s of product I got about 4 or 5 wears out of this and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure if I would ever purchase a full size bottle of it though. I definitely wouldn’t say no to another sample though!

Products I've Finished April 2014 004

I’ve finished my tube of Freederm gel (you can see it in this haul here). I’m not really sure what I think of this, it hasn’t really seemed to have helped with any spots I’ve had, so I’m probably going to try something different.

Products I've Finished April 2014 019

I’ve also finished my tube of Heel Genius Foot cream from Soap and Glory. My mum got me this for Christmas and it was okay, it left my feet feeling fairly soft, but it’s not my favourite of Soap and Glory’s scents, so I’m not sure if I would repurchase this. I’d use it again if someone gave it to me, but I’m not going to be rushing out to buy it again now that it’s finished.

Products I've Finished April 2014 005

And lastly I’ve finished my Scones and Cream candle from Bomb Cosmetics. I quite enjoyed the scent of this, it was very subtle. My only complaint is that there still seems to be a lot of product left in the tin, it never seemed to burn right to the edges.

Products I've Finished April 2014 003


10 thoughts on “Products I’ve Finished – April 2014

  1. Wow you used up loads! I like the elegant touch acetone free, but boots didn’t have it last time. For exfoliating face scrubs, I’ve recently tried the st Ives apricot and it’s good, but a bit much for every day. Boots do a good one by skin clear for a few quid and if you want to splash out elemis freshskin do a lovely apricot one for around a tenner xx

  2. I’m constantly amazed by how many things I’ve gone through since I started keeping track when doing these posts. It makes me feel better though because I feel less guilty about buying new things if I know I’m finishing other things. I’ve had a couple of people recommend the St Ives Apricot range, so I think I might give it a go, I usually only use an exfoliating face scrub two times a week at most anyway. And then maybe if I get some birthday money next week I may treat myself to something really nice and expensive! xxx

  3. You should see my empty box… It’s horribly full. I have a habit of using something up half way and putting it in the beauty drawer never to see daylight again. I’ve been making a conscious effort to use things up. It’s such a good feeling.
    The st Ives is nice enough, like I say it’s pretty gritty though but does smell nice. I manage to pick mine up half price in Sainsburys too, so can’t really complain. The elemis freshskin is my absolute favourite, but £12 is a lot for a face scrub. Is it your birthday next week? Xx

  4. My birthday’s a week on Tuesday, the 20th. I’ve been making such an effort to use things up because I do absolutely the same, I have so many things sat collecting dust, which is why I’ve decided to do these posts. Not that it’s stopped me buying new stuff, I’ve been such a shopaholic recently! xxx

  5. Ooh, our birthdays are only like two weeks apart 🙂 your birthday is two days before my cats. Is it sad I know that?
    I think blogging is good for making your realise what you have, but bad for making you want to buy things. I need to do an empties post soon too. Xx

  6. It’s totally fine to know when your cats birthday is – you need to know things like that! Blogging really has made me try more products than I ever would have considered, but I’m loving that! And I’d love to see an empties post from you. When’s your birthday? xxx

  7. Mines at the start of June, so not too long. I keep meaning to photograph my empties but never get around to it! Blogging is great for trying new products isn’t it? I’ve just got two polishes from makeup revolution to try out. Have you tried any? Xx

  8. I’m sure your birthday will be here before we know it – where is this year going? We’re almost half way through it already! And one thing I’ve found about blogging, it’s taking the photos which seems to take the most time. xxx

  9. I’ve got a decent camera but I’ve found that I can write a post pretty quickly but it always seems to take me much longer to actually take the photos and then get them uploaded etc… xxx

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