Award – The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – May 2014


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

May 2014

I’m so excited! The wonderful Jacquelyn over at the Little Scottish Corner nominated me for this award. You’ve all probably heard of her already, but if not, go and check her blog out, it is amazing! I can’t thank her enough for this award nomination, I can hardly believe that she would think of me and my little blog when choosing people. She has posts on her blog ranging from makeup and nail varnish right through to how she got her dream job. She was one of the first people, and still is the most likely, to comment on my blog and that just gave me such a boost, knowing that at least one person is reading and enjoying your posts.


So, onto the rules of the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award:

1. Place the Logo on your blog (see above)
2. Acceptance speech
3. Thank the one who nominated you and a back link to their blog (see above)
4. Nominate up to 10 other blogs, inform them of the nomination

The acceptance speech:

Okay, so here goes… I don’t really know where to start, I’m still slightly in a state of shock that one of my favourite bloggers has nominated me for this award and I can’t thank her enough. I have no delusions of grandeur (to quote from one of my favourite films of all time) about my little blog and although I’ve had it for close to two years now, I’ve only really been posting regularly since the end 0f last year and this year my aim is to blog every other day. But what started off as a nail varnish blog is slowly starting to expand into a fashion and beauty blog, something I know very little about, and I cherish each and every comment and like I get on my blog. I’ve recently passed 200 comments, which to some may not seem like many, but to me is huge. I also just got past 5000 views on my blog just the other day, something I’m struggling to comprehend! One of my aims now that I think I’ve got my scheduling of posts sorting, is to try and comment on other peoples blogs more often and interact more in this amazing community. I’m so glad I got to meet Jacquelyn through this, we definitely originally bonded over our love of nail varnish, but I love all of her posts and I’m hoping that we’ll continue to read each other’s blogs for a long time to come! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw my stats page the day after Jacquelyn’s post with the link to my blog on it went live, I had the most views I have ever had on my blog, over 100 in one day, which for me is absolutely incredibly amazing. In January I was doing well in I got into two figure numbers for views on my blog, three figures is a dizzying height I can barely dream of! I doubt it’ll happen again for a long time, but it’s made me so incredibly happy!

My nominees:

I always worry about posts when I need to nominate or tag people, worried they won’t want to do it, especially as I stay in the background on a lot of blogs, I really need to get better at commenting on all the blogs I read. I can be ridiculously shy in real life (until you get to know me) and that often times also happens on my blog. But I’ve decided just to go for it and nominate some bloggers who I really like, and hopefully they will actually know me and know of my blog!

ElegantAgelessBeauty – I love Teresa’s blog, she is deifnitely the reason why I am planning to raid the Makeup Academy counter the next time I am in Superdrug!

Benita’s Beauty Bits And Bobs – I’m loving her posts for the challenge she has set herself to wear a different nail varnish every day.

Carylamelor – She has some amazing reviews and is stunningly pretty.

Blushing Beauty – She many only be young but she has some amazing posts and made me very jealous with photos of her recent trip to America!

Hometown Heroine – I adore her fashion posts, she is so stunningly pretty. She has to do her blog for her school course, but I love it so much that I had to include her!

Elektra King – One of my all time favourite bloggers and I am very happy to have infulenced the growth of her A-England nail varnish collection!

Eleobel’s Nails – Her nail varnish swatch photos are amazing.

So there are my nominees, if you haven’t read any of their blogs before then I highly recommend you go and check them out. And thank you once again to Jacquelyn for nominating me, I simply can’t say it enough! (And now to go and reschedule all my blog posts so I can fit this in sometime before the 17th of May!)


9 thoughts on “Award – The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – May 2014

  1. Although for me, my general principal is that you can never have too many nail varnishes period. At least that’s the way I justify the size of my collection! xxx

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