Nail Art – Star Wars – R2-D2

Nail Art

Star Wars


I’m a huge Star Wars fan. If push came to shove and I absolutely had to choose my favourite film of all time, I would probably say Star Wars and hope I didn’t have to choose between them (if I did I would probably have to choose Return of the Jedi). Anyway, yesterday was Star Wars day and although it fell on a day I didn’t post, I did do some nail art which I want to share. I didn’t have much time, so I went with simple R2-D2 nails. I love that little droid, but he’s not my favourite character in the series. Lots of people have done R2 nails, a quick google search shows that. But I thought I’d share my take on them with you.

R2-D2 Nail Art (2)

I started off with my normal base coat, A-England’s The Knight and then painted all of my nails white with Zoya’s Snow White. As with many whites this took two coats to be completely opaque and not streaky. Then I painted the top half of my nail a metallic silver colour to represent R2’s head, I used Barry M’s Silver foil to do this. I used a small nail art brush for this step, but if you’re confident enough you could use the actual nail varnish brush.

Then using a small nail art brush and a dark bright blue nail varnish I began the detail work, which is actually mostly squares, lines and dots and a lot simpler than it looks. The blue nail varnish I used was China Glaze’s Frostbite (which is now a nail varnish I can cross off my Unfeatured List). I began by drawing a blue rectangle in the middle of the silver portion of my nail and then drew three triangle/rectangle ish shapes above that around the very edge of my nail. Then just above where the silver section ends I added a thin blue horizontal stripe. Then on the white section of my nail I drew three horizontal lines in blue in the centre of my nail, making sure they didn’t go all the way to the edges.

R2-D2 Nail Art (1)

Next, using a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot I drew two small vertical black lines on the white section on either side of the three blue lines and connected them at the top with a small horizontal black line.

I used a foily red colour and a dotting tool to add a red dot in the middle of the original blue rectangle I drew on the silver part of my nail. I used A-England’s Perceval to do this. And finally I added a small white dot using Zoya’s Snow White, on the silver portion of my nail just to the right of that original blue rectangle.

R2-D2 Nail Art (3)

And then I sealed everything in with my favourite topcoat, A-England’s The Shield. I really like how this design turned out, however it was quite hard to photograph. For some reason to me in many of the photos it looks messy and scruffy, but that could be me being picky. I’d love to know what you think of this design! I’m considering doing some more Star Wars nail art, would anyone be interested in seeing more posts like this?

R2-D2 Nail Art (4)


6 thoughts on “Nail Art – Star Wars – R2-D2

  1. Thank you! You can always cheat and use nail stickers to add some decoration! I wouldn’t consider myself to have a really steady hand but somehow I always manage for nail art. xxx

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