Outfit of the Day – Busy Day City Sightseeing in Spring

Outfit of the Day

Busy Day City Sightseeing in Spring

So this is an Outfit of the Day post from my trip to Paris with my mum at the end of March, but due to having other things I wanted to post, I somehow haven’t got any of my Outfit of the Day posts scheduled and up yet. I hope you don’t mind that this is slightly old, as I really wanted to share this. And pretty much every photo of me in this outfit, I am posing in front of some Paris landmark.

ParisAt the top of the Eiffel Tower!

This is my outfit from our first day in Paris, which was our busiest day. We only had two full days in Paris and we had so much that we wanted to do. It was my first visit to Paris (my mum has been once before but that was back in 1982, when she and my dad went there for their honeymoon), so we wanted to do all the touristy stuff. So on the first day we visited the Louvre (and saw the Mona Lisa), went up the Eiffel Tower, saw the Arc de Triomphe, had lunch on the Champs-Élysées, went in the Sacré-Cœur and saw the Moulin Rogue, before heading back to the hotel to get changed and go out somewhere for tea. So needless to say it was a hectic day (but so worth it) and that is pretty much why I have entitled this post a Busy Day Sightseeing, with emphasis on the busy.

Comfortable clothing was a must, but I also wanted to look good. Now normally I’m a jeans girl (and could definitely have been classed as a tom-boy growing up), but my most comfortable pair of jeans are beginning to look a bit scruffy (this pair from Henry Holland which feature in these Outfit of the Day posts here, here, here and here) so I didn’t take them and I didn’t want to wear the same pair of jeans for the entire trip of the pairs I did take with me, one casual and one more dressy. So, shock horror, I actually wore a skirt on my first day in Paris. Several of my family and friends will probably not believe it. But I love this skirt and I always did want to wear it on this trip as I don’t wear it enough. I wish I were brave enough to wear it more often, on shopping trips say. But because I do always wear jeans I’m scared of what people will think if I suddenly start wearing skirts. (Stupid I know, but I am quite insecure about my fashion choices. Seriously, this blog started off as a nail blog and suddenly from the influence of other amazing bloggers it suddenly turning into a fashion and beauty blog as well and pushing my comfort zone, but in a good way). So, I wore this navy pleated skirt from Henry Holland, which has a dark green and red plaid pattern with the navy and I wore a plain pair of black leggings from Primark (instead of tights).

Paris OOTD (1)

Comfortable shoes were definitely a must and I wore my black converse style high tops from New Look with silver studs on them (seen in this Outfit of the Day post here). These are actually the only shoes I wore for the entire trip.

Winter OOTD (2)

With the skirt I wore a charcoal t-shirt from Zara with a distressed circular design and studs on it (it can be seen in this haul post here). This t-shirt is so comfy, I’ve worn it so much since I bought it.

Haul Oct 2013 (3)

The weather was quite warm when we were there (especially on the second day) but for this first day we did need a jacket, especially at the top of the Eiffel Tower! So I wore my new leather jacket (in this haul post here) which is from Star by Julien Macdonald. I’m totally in love with this leather jacket, I’ve wanted a leather jacket for so long!

March 2014 Haul (5)

To add a pop of colour to the outfit, I borrowed this lime satchel style bag from my mum, which was the perfect size and also fastens well. I believe my mum said she got this from Topshop.

Paris OOTD (2)

I didn’t wear any jewellery as I thought the studs on the t-shirt were enough and I didn’t want to add a necklace, but I did add a squirt of perfume. The perfume mum and I took with us was Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, which mum bought for us to share after we’d finished my Loverdose Tattoo perfume from Diesel.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

On my nails I was wearing Zoya’s Stephanie, which I wore for the entire trip, as it’s nice and neutral and goes with everything. But my nails took a battering and were totally chipped, so there’s no photo of them.

Paris 2014 077

At the Louvre!

Paris 2014 161

And at the Moulin Rouge! I hope you can get a sense of my outfit in these pictures.


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