Haul – River Island, Accessorize, H&M, Next, Topshop, Superdrug and Boots – April 2014


River Island, Accessorize, H&M, Next, Topshop, Superdrug and Boots

April 2014

Despite the shops named in this haul, you might be surprised to find that it is mostly a Spring makeup haul. There are a couple of other things as well, but the majority is makeup. I pretty much wear the same makeup everyday when I am wearing it, but I’ve wanted to change it up a little bit for Spring recently, so I’ve treated myself to a couple of new lip products and some blushes among other things. These were gathered over a couple of trips with my mum and sister when we had a couple of days off work together.

April Haul 030

So, I’ll start with the non makeup stuff. Firstly from River Island I got this what I would class as an American Football style top in navy blue with orange and yellow flowers on it. I’ve eyed this a couple of times and actually got it in the sale when I bought it. I thought it’d be perfect for a spring day when I just want something casual and comfy.

April Haul 074

Next from Accessorize I got this gorgeous little bag which looks like a lemon segment. I saw this in the Accessorize at Newcastle Airport before mum and I went away, but didn’t want to cart it to Paris and back. But once I was home I couldn’t resist. I think it’ll be perfect to use in the spring and summer, I’m thinking with light jeans and a cute pastel top or a summer dress.

April Haul 072

And everything else in this haul is going to be makeup or it’s beauty related cosmetics type stuff. So from H&M by sister bought me this lip pen in the colour Papaya Punch.

April Haul 002

My sister and I have both been really excited to discover that Next now have a NYX stand. And we were determined we were both going to try something from them (I currently have one NYX nail varnish which I bought online). I got one of their blushes, I’ve heard so many good things about these online. This is in the shade Angel and I love it already, I started to use it as soon as I got it pretty much.

April Haul 080

Everything I got from Topshop is makeup and this was over two separate trips. They had a deal on where if you spent so much on makeup you got a free lip cream, so my sister and I worked it out so we both got two free lip creams each.

April Haul 052 April Haul 078

First up I got a blush and this is in the shade Do It Again.

April Haul 054

I got two of Topshop’s Sheer Lips Lipsticks, which are amazing. I think my sister got about four out of the five they have available. This first one is in the shade Hunky Dory.

April Haul 006

And this second one is in the shade Nuclear. I totally love this one, if you’re in Topshop at any point I really recommend you at least go and look at these.

April Haul 004

And on to the two free lip creams. These are really thick, much thicker than a lip gloss, and are super pigmented. This first one is in the shade Dust. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll ever wear this, but it was free, so I may give it a go.

April Haul 005

This second one is in the shade Fox. Now I really hope that I am brave enough to wear this one day as I do think the colour is stunning, but I’ve never, ever worn a bright red lip product, so this really scares me!

April Haul 003

Now from Superdrug I got makeup wipes and a face mask. The makeup wipes I got are not the normal ones I use as there were no deals on for them and makeup wipes are expensive! These ones were half price and they are the Simply Esstentials makeup wipes from Garnier. I’ll see how they go. And from Superdrug’s own Tea Tree line I got this Mud Mask sachet. I’m really not enjoying the new face mask I got in my most recent Body Shop Haul and with my Products I Want To Use Up challenge I set myself for this year I have been using some of my forgotten and abandoned Tea Tree products and I’ve realised just how much I love Tea Tree so I really want to try this.

April Haul 042

And finally from Boots! I got a face mask and some more makeup products. The face mask is the Iconic Clay Mask Shine Away from Boots’ Botanics line. Both my sister and I got a tube of this to try and we’ve both used it once so far and for that first time it was quite nice. It’s too early to form a full opinion yet though.

April Haul 079

Seventeen had a three for two offer on their makeup line, so between us my sister and I got six products. I got a Stay Time Pressed Powder in the shade fair and a Phwoarr Paint Heavy Duty Under Eye Concealer, also in the shade fair. My sister also got these products and two blushes, I believe.

April Haul 033

And finally I got a Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick from Bourjois Paris in the shade Peach on the Beach. I totally love this, and although it has “peach” in it’s name I would class it as more pink than peach. I saw this on our first shopping trip, but they didn’t have any of this shade left (well, none with packaging on and even though those left weren’t testers they looked as though they had been used) but managed to find it on our second one. I might have a look at some of the other shades from this line, I really like the formula and finish.

April Haul 001

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