Tag – 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make – April 2014

10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make Tag

April 2014

I was tagged by the lovely Brittany over at The Beauty Deputy to do this tag. If you haven’t seen her blog, then you need to go and check her out right now. She is amazing (and has the cutest dog and cat!). I was so excited that she tagged me, I couldn’t believe she’d think of me when choosing people to tag, I love reading her blog! And as she points out in her post, it’s quite nice to look back at how far we’ve all come. But we are all only human, so here are ten beauty mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’ve separated it into three categories, nails, makeup and hair.


1) Using a base and top coat

Until a couple of years ago I didn’t even know what base and top coats were! But a base coat really does help to protect your nails when you paint them and a top coat can really extend the length of your manicure.

2) Looking after my cuticles

This is something I never used to do. But as I’ve become much more serious about painting my nails I now totally adore my Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme!

3) Not removing my nail varnish properly and just painting over whatever was left on my nails with a new colour

This totally does not make for an attractive manicure!


4) Not using concealer

I just expected my foundation to do all the work, which can lead to a cakey look if you keep layering foundation on to cover blemishes.

5) Actually blending in concealer

When I did begin to use concealer I never used to actually blend it/tap it in when I applied it.

6) Using liquid eyeliner on my waterline

This is especially bad when wearing contact lenses (as I do) as the slightest slip, which happened all the time, and my contact lenses were stained black. Not a good look.

7) Not using powder over foundation

And wondering why I looked shiny.

8) Not cleaning my makeup brushes

I’m still guilty of this on occasion. I go through stages, I can be really on the ball at times and do it really regularly, and at other times it completely falls off my schedule.


9) Brushing my hair when dry

I have really curly hair which goes incredibly frizzy when it dries and brushing my hair when it is dry causes it to go even more frizzy and leads to breaks as I tried to get the brush through tangles (it also hurts like crazy!) Now if I need to brush my hair when it’s dry (and not straightened) I make sure to use a water bottle or detangling spray to make sure my hair is wet.

10) Not using heat protection

I loved the invention of hair straighteners, but really didn’t look after my hair when I first got a set. Now I always use a heat protector on my hair, it goes through enough with the amount I straighten it!

I think quite a lot of people have been tagged to do this already but people I would love to see do it are:

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And absolutely anyone else who wants to do this tag!


3 thoughts on “Tag – 10 Beauty Mistakes I Used To Make – April 2014

  1. I was so guilty of believing my foundation would cover everything in the first couple years of high school, looking back is so cringeworthy. Can you say cake face?

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