Paris Haul – April 2014

Paris Haul

April 2014

If you’ve read any of my recent blog posts then you may be aware I took a trip to Paris recently, it was definitely mentioned in passing a couple of times. And although it was much more of a sight seeing and spending time with my mum trip than a shopping trip I did pick up a handful of things that I want to share. All of these things were bought from little tourist shops near our hotel, we were about a five to ten minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral, which is amazing, may I add.

First up is this little compact mirror. These were sold all over the place with so many different designs. The one I eventually choose shows a watercolour drawing of the Louvre Pyramid on it.

Paris Haul

I also got a small purse which has a grey scale design of Paris landmarks on it. I love little purses like this. They’re ideal for going out when you’re only taking a small bag, or there are occasions, such as when I’m going to a football match and I font want to take a bag with me, when this will fit in my jeans pocket.

Paris Haul (2)

I also got a small bag in a similar design to the purse. This is perfect when travelling for storing jewellery or a little bit of makeup.

Paris Haul (1)

Mum and I also got a little music box to share. These were also sold all over the place. You could choose which box you wanted (there were loads of designs) and what tune you wanted it to play. We choose the box which is a yellowy cream colour and shows pictures of the Eiffel Tower in stages. And we choose La Vie En Rose as the music we wanted. This has found home on a shelf in our hallway which is at the bottom of the stairs and mum and I have took to turning the handle whenever we come down.

Paris Haul (3) Paris Haul (4)

And finally I bought my sister’s puppy, Pav, a present. I got him this stuffed Eiffel Tower in red, white and blue. I had jokingly said before we went that I would buy him a stuffed Eiffel Tower, not expecting such a thing to exist. Well when we did actually see them, I had to buy him one! And I think it lasted all of an hour and a half before he had stuffing everywhere!

Paris Haul (1) Paris Haul (2)

And finally, a couple of photos of Paris for you. Firstly the Louvre Pyramid.

Paris 2014 074

The Eiffel Tower.

Paris 2014 119

Notre Dame Cathedral at night.

Paris 2014 172

And the gardens at the Palace of Versailles.

Paris 2014 308


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