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I’ve been wanting to do some more nail art for a while but didn’t have any solid idea of what I wanted to do and then inspiration struck. I’m a huge history fan, and today marks 102 years since the Titanic sank. The Titanic’s story has always fascinated me and when I’m in the mood I really enjoy the film. So I’ve come up with this nail art design, which I thought I’d share with you. I would class them as nails based on the film Titanic, but in terms of the appearance of the ship I’d say the film is almost completely accurate, it was something James Cameron was quite particular about.

Titanic Nail Art 005

Four of my five nails are dedicated to the actual ship Titanic, with only one based on the fictional story of the film. But one of the four is inspired by one of the main scenes in the film. So on my thumb I have the Titanic at sea, on my index finger I have a close up of the side of the ship, my middle finger is inspired by the flying on the bow sequence at sunset in the film, my ring finger shows on of Titanic’s smoke stacks and my little finger shows the Heart of the Ocean neckline from the films storyline.

Titanic Nail Art 003

As with any nail design, I started with a basecoat. And I’m so repetitive in all my nail art posts, I always use A-England’s The Knight. This design really evolved as I went along and although I knew pretty much what I wanted to do, I didn’t have a completely clear picture in my mind when I started. For my thumb I started by painting it a light blue, I used Topshop’s World’s End, this is supposed to represent the sky. Then using a black (A-England’s Camelot) and a small nail art brush I drew a straight horizontal line from the middle of my nail to the right hand edge of my nail. From that centre point I drew a diagonal line to the bottom of my nail and filled it in with black. This formed the basic shape of the Titanic on this nail. Then I painted a thick white line (I used Zoya’s Snow White) above the black, not quite going to the centre of my nail making it slightly shorter than my original black line. I then added a red line underneath the black using Collection 2000 Lasting Finish’s Fire Engine to represent the bottom of the ship. I then created the portholes on the ship by using a dotting tool to place three dots of a light yellow (Butter London’s Jasper) on the black I added a small vertical line above the white on the very edge of my nail in gold (A-England’s Holy Grail Limited Edition) to represent the beginnings of one of the funnels. And finally I added a wavy line of a darker blue (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear’s Pacific Blue) to represent the ocean.

Titanic Nail Art 009

On to my index finger. I wasn’t really happy with how this turned out when I first done it, but I came to appreciate it after a while. It turned in to a close up of the Titanic, showing the side of the ship and the beginning of a funnel and is meant to help demonstrate the sheer size of this ship. I started by painting the bottom half of my nail black using A-England’s Camelot. I then added a gold horizontal stripe about that using A-England’s Holy Grail Limited Edition version and then a white stripe above that using Zoya’s Snow White. Then with the remaining space at the top of my nail, I painted the right half gold with A-England’s Holy Grail again for the start of the smoke stack funnel and the left side light blue with Topshop’s World’s End for the sky. And to complete this nail I used Butter London’s Jasper to create little dots on the black for portholes. My original idea for this nail was for it to look similar to my ring finger, but it kind of went wrong and evolved into this design.

My middle finger is inspired by the famous flying on the bow scene at sunset in the film. I started my painting my nail a dusty blue, I used Borghese Rapido’s Castello Blue and then sponged on a dusty purple, a pink and an orangey sandy colour to create a sunset effect (I used American Apparel’s Dynasty, Coney Island and Palm Springs for the sponging. I then created a V shaped French tip on the nail in black (A-England’s Camelot) and added a line of gold and white (A-England’s Holy Grail and Zoya’s Snow White) to represent the bow of the ship. I really love how this nail turned out.

My index finger shows on of Titanic’s smoke stacks. I always thing of the funnel’s when I think of Titanic, but then again, it was a steam ship. I started by painting my nails a light blue (Topshop’s World’s End). Then I painted a thick gold vertical stripe down the middle of my nail, but making sure it didn’t touch the top of my nail (and again I used A-England’s Holy Grail) and added a thick black horizontal stripe above that and then a black French tip (A-England’s Camelot). Finally I sponged on a bit of grey for the smoke coming out of the stack with Collection 2000 Hot Looks’ Wham.

And finally on my little finger with have the fictional Heart of the Ocean necklace. I used Topshop’s World’s End as my background colour so it fitted in with the rest of the design. I then used a dark blue shimmery nail varnish to create a heart shape, I used Colors By Llarowe’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and outline it in silver and added two silver lines for the chain, I used Barry M’s Silver Foil.

And that’s my design complete. I finished everything with my favourite topcoat, A-England’s The Shield (I caved in and bought a new bottle). What do you think of this look?

Titanic Nail Art 011


2 thoughts on “Nail Art – Titanic

  1. I love doing nail art, I wish I had more time to do it. But at other times I struggle for inspiration when I want to do something xxx

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