Bomb Cosmetics Haul – March 2014

Bomb Cosmetics Haul

March 2014

I’d been eyeing all the new stuff on the Bomb Cosmetics website for a while, but had managed to resist placing an order. Then I finished my candle and needed a new one. I love the Bath & Body Works candles, but they’re so expensive to get shipped to England that I wanted to try something different. And after browsing the internet for a while, I decided I wanted to try one from Bomb Cosmetics. I almost ordered a candle from them when I last placed an order (see the haul post here) but decided against it at that time. My order arrived is this massive bright pink box and I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (2) Bomb Cosmetics Haul (4)

So the first thing I got was the Scones & Cream Tinned Candle. This is a very sweet smell and looks so cute, as do pretty much all Bomb Cosmetics products. I’m hoping that it won’t be quite as sweet when it burns.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (6)

Then I got the Azure Skies Blaster. This was one of the products I really wanted when looking at the website, but now everything’s arrived, it’s not my favourite scent of those I’ve bought. It smells okay though, I just like others better and it still looks amazing, this design really reminds me of summer.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (7)

The Raspberry Ripple Bath Blaster drew me in because of how amazing it looks. I simply had to try it. You can read my review of it here.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (8)

The Land of Milk & Honey Bath Blaster also drew me in by it’s looks. But this is probably one of my favourite scents of them all. And I think that’s because it reminds me of my grandma, it took me a while to place my finger on what it reminded me of, but that’s it. It’s quite a clean, fresh scent. That probably makes it sound like a completely horrible smell, but it’s not, I promise. I love this one. And you can read my review of this product by clicking here.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (9)

This Forget Me Not Bath Creamer looks so sweet and cute and if perfect for spring. To me it seems to have hints of violets in the scent, but I could be completely wrong!

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (10)

The Lime-On Bath Creamer is my only repeat purchase from my last order. I love lime scented things. There were many others I could have repurchased from my last order but I wanted to try some new things, and also some of them were Christmas Limited Editions.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (11)

I really loved the last Whoopie Blaster I tried, you can read my review on the Knickerbocker Glory Whoopie Blaster here, and I really wanted to try another one. The one I choose was the Queen of the Nile Whoopie Blaster.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (12)

Again the Ripple-licious Butter Loop drew me in with how cute it looks.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (13)

And finally the Flying High Bath Blaster just perfectly reminded me of Spring. And it’s one of the scents I like the most.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (1)

Also in my box were this air freshener (I don’t drive despite being 26) which I’ll give to my dad and this block of Purple Hills soap. I couldn’t find it on the website when I looked, so I’m wondering if it was limited edition? Nevertheless it’s a full sized block of soap which looks amazing and smells good.

Bomb Cosmetics Haul (3) Bomb Cosmetics Haul (5)

I really think that Bomb Cosmetics deserve more attention, they really are amazing. And if you want me to go more in depth on any of the products mention above, just let me know.


4 thoughts on “Bomb Cosmetics Haul – March 2014

  1. One thing that really draws me in every time I’m on their website is how cute all their products are! But they also smell amazing! If you can get your hands on them over in America I would completely recommend them. xxx

  2. All the products look so cute, which totally draws me in and worries my bank account. Also if you spend over so much on their website you can qualify for free shipping in England. xxx

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