Nail Varnish Review – Topshop Waterlily

Nail Varnish Review

Topshop – Waterlily

Topshop’s Waterlily is one of my favourite nail varnishes for Spring. I didn’t wear it enough last Spring and I’m determined to fix that this year. And I decided that I simply needed to share it with you.

Topshop Waterlily

Waterlily is a very pale lilac purple colour. This nail varnish is very white based. I mean, you can tell that it is a purple, but it is so, so pale. Think like Zoya’s Blu and Zoya’s Stephanie which seem mostly white with just a little colour mixed in. Waterlily is very much the same.

In the photo I have used three thin coats of Waterlily and it is completely opaque. The first coat does go on quite sheer and very streaky, but that’s pretty much expected for such a light colour. If you were very careful with application you could probably get away with two coats and have it completely opaque but I usually find that it’s still a little streaky after a second coat and that it takes a third to level everything out. Add a topcoat and it looks perfect!

I love Topshop’s nail varnishes in general, I love the bottle shape and size and I love the brush. But that is mostly down to personal preference. You don’t get as much product as say an OPI or a China Glaze nail varnish, but here in England Topshop nail varnishes are really easy to get hold of and it’s cheaper for me to buy them then to order an OPI nail varnish online.

When I was last in Topshop it appears that once again they have overhauled there nail varnish line again, with many new colours and with some old colours no longer being available (my all time favourite Topshop nail varnish Worlds End being one of them). But Waterlily was still available when I looked in my local Topshop. And considering I don’t live in a big city and we never get half the stuff the large Topshop stores get, I’m assuming its still readily available in most Topshop shops here in England. I don’t think these nail varnishes are available in America however.

This is a perfect colour for Spring. The application is pretty easy and its such a soft pretty shade. I also really love the name. If you can get your hands on it, I really recommend this nail varnish, I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of it in the coming months.


2 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Review – Topshop Waterlily

  1. I really love this for Spring, I simply had to share it. I’m glad I’ve managed to give it the love it deserves this Spring, I neglected it horribly last year. xxx

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