Nail Art – Spring Roses

Nail Art

Spring Roses

I love florals in the Spring and roses are so easy to create. There are loads of different versions all over the Internet but I thought I’d share the way I create this design with you. This post has been wrote well in advance as I needed to plan ahead since when it goes up I will be on route to Paris with my mum! Excited does not cover it!

Rose Nail Art (2)

One of the things I like best about this design is that you can mix and match the colours. For Spring I chose pastels. In this particular design I’m showing you I’ve used a pastel purple for my base colour and then created peach roses. Yellow as a base colour with pink or peach roses looks great, pink as a base with yellow or purple roses also looks good, a mint base with pink, peach, yellow or purple roses also looks great. You really can use any colour combination you like.

As with any nail art design, start with a base coat. I always use A-England’s The Knight. Then I applied my base colour. As its Spring I’m using pastel nail varnishes (I have done this design in summer with brighter nail varnishes) and I chose a light purple for my base. The nail varnish I used was Topshop’s Waterlily.

Then to create the roses, you need a lighter and a darker shade of the same colour. As I said above, for this particular look, I chose peach. For my lighter colour I used Essie’s Navigate Her and for my darker colour I used Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine’s Papaya. Using a large dotting tool and the lighter shade, I created random blotches of colour all over my nails. You definitely don’t want perfect circles or dots for this design. Then using a nail art brush (or a small dotting tool or toothpick, whatever you have) outline part of the blotches by creating to ‘c’ like shapes on opposite sides. Then create a curved line, again slightly like a ‘c’ shape, in the middle and that makes the petals of the roses. Super easy.

And to finish the roses, still with a nail art brush, add two small green lines at either side for leaves. You can use any shade of green you want for this, light, dark, medium, it doesn’t matter. It’s simply down to personal preference and what you have available. Kind of still sticking to the pastel theme, I used Picture Polish’s Honey Dew.

And finally finish with a topcoat. I’m currently out of my usual topcoat (A-England’s The Shield), so am currently using Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri topcoat.


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