Haul – New Look, Boots, Avon, British Home Stores, Primark and H&M – March 2014


New Look, Boots, Avon, British Home Stores, Primark and H&M

March 2014

Once again, as in my last haul post, many of these items have been bought with my holidays in mind. I’m trying not to get too excited too early, but its difficult. I can’t wait to have some time off work! This is the accumulating of several shopping trips with my mum and sister over the course of March, I did not buy this all on one day. But expect a good couple more haul posts from me, I really need to get my holiday wardrobe sorted and I need to do it now, because my wages closer to my holidays I’ll want to use for spending money.

Firstly from New Look I got this lovely casual blue summer dress. I’m nor entirely sure if I will take this away with me or if I will wear it to work this summer.

March 2014 Haul (4)

Also from New Look I got this T-shirt with an amazing patter of flowers and butterflies and other abstract designs on it in shades of pink, orange, yellow and blue. I think this will look lovely with pale jeans and sandals when the warmer weather gets here.

March 2014 Haul (3)

From Boots I got a new mascara. My sister’s puppy got hold of my last one and chewed it up. I didn’t really like it anyway, so it was a perfect excuse to try a different one. This is Maybelline New York’s The Falsies in Black Drama.

March 2014 Haul (7)

From Avon my mum bought me a two in one nail art tool, which has a thin brush on one end and a small dotting tool on the other. I’ve had two of these in the past and they’re pretty decent.

March 2014 Haul

From British Home Stores I’ve got this gorgeous bikini, which has a bright sunset pattern and palm trees on it. I’m definitely already dreaming of the sun and beaches in Albuferia! I know a lot of people who turn their noses up about British Home Stores, classing it as somewhere where old people shop, and in some cases that can be true. But I’m really fussy when it comes to bikinis and my mum suggested we have a look, and I fell totally in love with this one. And lets be honest, when you’re wearing it, no one’s going to know where you bought it from. I really don’t get people who won’t buy something they like because it’s not from a certain shop, or because it’s from an ‘uncool’ shop. I had this discussion with someone the other day when they stated they weren’t going to buy from Topshop any more because they always have to buy a bigger size and they know they’re not that size. Again, who cares? If you like it and it looks good on you, then buy it! When you’re wearing it no one is going to know what shop you bought it from or what size it says on the label, they’re just going to see how good you look! So I’ll definitely be checking out British Home Stores again before my holidays.

March 2014 Haul (2)

From Primark I got this grey Daisy Jumper. The front part with the daisies on it is a sheer material, so you need to layer it over any colour top you want. My mum had wanted to buy this for me in January, but hadn’t been able to find it in my size, so when we saw it we snapped it up immediately!

March 2014 Haul (6)

And from H&M I got this gold necklace with a heart on it. I’m not usually one for big pieces of jewellery, but this was bought with the idea of wearing it with the black dress I got from Topshop, which can be seen in my previous haul post here.

March 2014 Haul (1)


2 thoughts on “Haul – New Look, Boots, Avon, British Home Stores, Primark and H&M – March 2014

  1. I love that dress, but I’m probably going to end up wearing it for work so I do actually get to wear it. And I can’t wait to get to wear the bikini in Portugal, it’s a lot brighter than anything I would usually pick. xxx

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