Bath Bomb Review – Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb Review

Lush – Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb

Spring was definitely here a week or two ago, we had some lovely sunny days and dad and I managed to get out walking for the first time this year. And how does this relate to a Bath Bomb Review? Well after walking up Roseberry Topping for the first time this year (and taking my sisters puppy up for the first time) I needed a nice relaxing bath. Even as I write this I am still recovering, my legs are so stiff! The puppy certainly went at a much quicker pace than dad and I are used to!

Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (1)

I bought this bath bomb almost a year ago (I got three of them) and I think it was from the Retro section on the Lush website, which is no longer available. I’m really hoping that Lush do re-release this at some point, as I am totally in love with this. I feel bad about posting about a product that isn’t currently available but if I’m going to post every other day then I need things to write about and that tends to be things I’m using at the moment.

It’s one of Lush’s normal sized bath bombs and is white in colour, apart from a small circle indentation which shows the purple shimmer inside it. The purple shimmer is very finely milled and is a lovely colour.

Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (2)

This one doesn’t change the colour of the bath water overly much, just gives it a nice milky effect. The purple shimmer is so fine that although you can see it floating on the top of the water it doesn’t significantly effect the colour and it also doesn’t stick all over the bath or look like you’re covered in purple glitter when you get out, which is definitely a plus in my book. And clean up of the bath was surprisingly easy.

Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (4) Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb (3)

The scent of this bath bomb is incredible! It’s quite a sweet scent, but not a bakery sweet scent if you get me. Violet features heavily and it really does smell like Parma Violet sweets (don’t know if these are only available in the UK?). Absolutely lovely!

I’m really, really, really hoping that this will appear on the Lush website at some point this year. The entire Retro section is missing at the moment, I don;t know if it’s gone permanently or not. If you ever do see this, I totally recommend it. If I ever see it again I will buying at least three, if not more!

Oh, and finally for cuteness factor, here’s a photo of Pav at the top of Roseberry Topping. He certainly enjoyed his walk!

Pav at Roseberry Topping


4 thoughts on “Bath Bomb Review – Lush Ne Worry Pas Bath Bomb

  1. I really would love to buy more Lush products but they are so horribly expensive 😦 What I do buy regularly though is Lemony Flutter and I also tried out Dream Cream which I also like very much 🙂

  2. I’ve only ever really tried the bath products from Lush and I love most of those I’ve tried. I try not to purchase from them too often as they are a little pricey (although living in England I get a better deal than other people) but saying that I will have a Lush haul coming soon! xxx

  3. Pav is definitely very cute and he has a cheeky character to match! He was being bribed for a treat to stay still in that photo! And I love using some Lush products after Dad and I have been out walking. xxx

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