Outfit of the Day – Sunday Lunch With Family

Outfit of the Day

Sunday Lunch With Family

Okay, so I’m calling this Outfit of the Day post Sunday Lunch with Family, but it needs bearing in mind that the family members we went out to lunch with live a two and a half to three hour car journey away. So although we did go out to lunch, that was not the only purpose of the visit. It was lovely to see them again. You’ve even got a photo of me wearing this outfit, although it is slightly lopsided as I had to crop my much younger cousin out of the picture.

Outfit of the Day

So my outfit was designed for comfort, as well as to look good. I love doing Outfit of the Day posts but I am so repetitive when I do them. So once again I was wearing my black skinny jeans from Henry Holland.

With them I wore this short sleeved woollen jumper from Dorothy Perkins I’m calling it woollen because that’s the best description I can come up with for it. I’m sure this style has a specific name but I don’t know what it is. I’ve provided a close up photo of this jumper, to try and demonstrate just what exactly I’m talking about.

Sunday Lunch OOTD (1)

I also wore this large black and gold hoop scarf from Urban Outfitters, which I borrowed from my mum. I love this scarf, I think it looks so rich and elegant.

To finish this look I wore my pair of shiny black boots from Red Herring. I suppose they’re a very similar style to Doc Martens, but much more shinier. I’ve provided a photo of the boots because you can’t really see them in the photo of me.

Sunday Lunch OOTD (2)

On my nails I was wearing A- England’s Holy Grail (the new version) and I also added a spray of my current favourite perfume, Diesel’s Loverdose Tattoo.

A-England Holy Grail

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (5)


2 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day – Sunday Lunch With Family

  1. Thanks Teresa, I knew there’d be a technical term for it, but tried googling it and couldn’t find anything. I thought someone on here would be able to tell me 🙂 (but I really only bought it because its a really pretty top and I totally haven’t worn it as much as I should have this winter!). xxx

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