Nail Varnish Review – Barry M Lady

Nail Varnish Review

Barry M – Lady

Barry M’s Lady is from their new textured glitter line of nail varnishes. These came out before Christmas and I’ve been eyeing them since then. However, if you’ve read my blog at all then you know I’m not a fan of textured nail varnish at all. I think it looks stunning but I simply do not like the feel of it on my nails, it really annoys me. But I have two Liquid Sand nail varnishes from OPI which I wear with a topcoat and they look stunning, so I caved in and bought some of the new nail varnishes I wanted.

Barry M LadyLady is a gorgeous white colour, with silver shimmer and to me this is the perfect nail varnish for the winter, as it reminds me of frost and ice and as a transition from winter to spring, as it is very delicate looking. I love Barry M nail varnishes so much, for the price they are I think they are such a good quality product. The photo above shows Lady without a topcoat.

I absolutely adore the colour of this nail varnish. I’m not one for wearing white nail varnish, but the textured effect (even with topcoat) and the shimmer in this, makes it different from a white nail varnish and I’m surprised by how much I love it. I think white nail varnish on it’s own can look too harsh, but add glitter to it and I’m all over it! I’m thinking Lac Attack’s Beauxbatons Academy and Alanna Renee’s Hedwig. Maybe it’s not actually that surprising that I do like Lady as much as I do…

And Lady is no different. Application was easy and it was completely opaque in two to three coats. The first photo in this post above, does show Lady how it is technically supposed to be worn, without a topcoat. But I only really wore it like that to take the photographs, before I used the trick of applying a matte topcoat and then my normal (glossy) topcoat to get a smooth finish. You’re probably sick of me saying how much I love some of the colours and the look of the textured nail varnishes, but hate the actual textured finish. The photo below shows Lady with a topcoat.

Barry M Lady (with topcoat)

I never really wear nail varnishes long enough to get a true representation of how long the last, but for the total time I was wearing this, about a day and a half to two days, I didn’t experience any chipping.

Not liking textured finishes probably isn’t going to stop me from buying some more of this line from Barry M. I don’t mind paying only a couple of pounds against the risk of really not liking a product. I’m much more hesitant to buy any more liquid sands or and pixie dusts from Zoya as they’re much more expensive and I may not like the nail varnishes with topcoat and simply can’t wear them without it. So for anyone out there who does like the look of textured nail varnishes, but doesn’t like the textured finish, I say go for it, and simply buck the trend by wearing a topcoat, it’s what I do!


4 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Review – Barry M Lady

  1. I think it looks stunning with a topcoat (I really don’t like the feel of textured nail varnishes!). I thought it was nice in the winter as it reminded me of frost and ice, but it’s so delicate looking that I think it’s going to be perfect for spring as well. I think it’d look really nice as an accent nail when wearing a pastel peach or a baby pink or a light blue. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of it. xxx

  2. I find I can only really wear textured nail varnishes with topcoat, otherwise they really irritate me. But all the ones I have look really good with topcoat 🙂 xxx

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