Nail Varnish Collection – Butter London – Spring 2014

Nail Varnish Collection

Butter London

As of Spring 2014

With my nail varnish collection series of posts I’ve decided that any brand I’ve got more than five nail varnishes for will get a post of their own and the rest I’ll do a collective post of at the end. So next up in my collection series are my Butter London nail varnishes. These are some of the more expensive nail varnishes in my collection, but the ones I’ve had the longest are some of my most used nail varnishes. A Butter London display has appeared in my local Boots store in the last year or so but I’ve bought all of mine online. You can see the previous posts in my Nail Varnish Collection series by clicking here.

Butter London Collection (1)

Butter London Collection (2)

In the first row are Wellies, Jasper, Teddy Girl and Fiddlesticks. Teddy Girl is one of my favourite baby pink nail varnishes. It is a very rare occasion when I would reach for a baby pink nail varnish but when I do this would be one of my first choices. Jasper is the newest nail varnish to my Butter London collection as I’m trying to find my perfect yellow. It’s a bit lighter than what I’m looking for but I’m still looking forward to wearing this this Spring.

Butter London Collection (3)

And in the second row are Frilly Knickers, Victoriana, Lillibet’s Jubilee and Pitter Patter. Frilly Knickers is my all time favourite micro glitter topper. I have recently bought both China Glaze’s Fairy Dust and INM’s Out The Door Northern Lights topcoat in Silver but I still prefer Frilly Knickers to either of them. You can review my review on Victoriana by clicking here. Lillibet’s Jubilee was a limited edition varnish which came out to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee and I’m not sure if you can still find it online anywhere. Pitter Patter was released when it was announced that the Duchess of Cambridge was pregnant with Prince George and I’m not sure if it is limited edition or not.


2 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Butter London – Spring 2014

  1. Butter London are a bit pricey, but Teddy Girl is my favourite baby pink. And for such a light colour the formula is pretty good/ xxx

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