Tag – Spring Fling Tag – March 2014

Spring Fling Tag

March 2014

So, I saw this Spring Fling Tag on Miss Holly Berries YouTube Channel and thought it looked like a lot of fun. I think everyone is ready for the winter to be over and this totally helps to get me in the mood for Spring. And it’s March finally, so I class it as Spring. The pastel nail varnishes have been dusted off!

1. What eye palette do you/will you use most this spring?

I very rarely use eye palettes, I pretty much stick to one or two eyeshadows all the time and they are mostly singles. But I did get Barry M’s Natural Glow Palette for Christmas so I’ll be using that a lot this spring. I have debated getting one of the Naked palettes, but I don;t know how much use I’d get out if it.

Barry M Natural Glow (1) Barry M Natural Glow (2)

2. What blush in your collection is a spring must-have? What about lipstick?

I pretty much use the same blush all the time, which is Soap and Glory’s Love At First Blush, which will be a staple for me throughout spring. I only own three lipsticks, two which are definitely for summer, so the one I’ll use throughout spring is Sleek’s Liqueur.

Soap and Glory Love At First BlushBest of Beauty 2013 (2)

3. What nail varnishes do you love to wear in the Spring?

I’m completely predictable. I love pastels in the Spring! I’m thinking Zoya’s Blu, Topshop’s Waterlily, Butter London’s Teddy Girl to name just a few of my favourites.

Zoya Blu

Topshop Waterlily

Butter London Teddy Girl

4. What is your signature spring scent?

I don’t really have a signature scent at any time of year. But one perfume I do want to try and finish this Spring is Vera Wang’s Princess, which features in my Products I Want To Finish In 2014 post.

Products I Want To Finish 2014 (3)

5. What is on your spring break agenda?

I work full time, so I don’t get a spring break. But I am going to Paris with my mum at the beginning of April, so I do have some time off work this spring.

6. What trends are you looking forward to the most? Fashion, Makeup, Nail Varnish, etc.

For Nail Varnish, definitely pastels! My Makeup doesn’t vary greatly over the seasons, if I’m perfectly honest, but I am trying to be more adventurous. And I’m not really sure about Fashion at the moment, despite being almost 27, Fashion is only something which has began to really began to interest me.

7. Do you have a Spring skincare must-have?

In a word, no. I usually use the same products all the time, although I am trying to change it up a little bit at the moment and have bought a couple of new things to try.

8. What is spring like where you live?

It can vary greatly from year to year and day to day. We had a very mild winter here, but way too much rain. And although I personally escaped from the flooding, it was a little too close for comfort at times. In years gone by we’ve had everything from rain, snow and glorious sunshine in the Spring. Personally, I’m hoping for the sunshine this year!

9. Florals: gotta have em or make them stop?

I personally really like them. They make great nail art, and can be really cute Fashion wise, as long as you don’t go over the top.

10. Favourite thing/activity to do in the spring?

Spending more time outside! Dad and I haven’t done any serious hill walking since the late summer and I’ve really missed it. I’m a big nature fan, so love seeing all the flowers start to bloom (there are snow drops and crocuses everywhere at the moment) and I love looking out for the first of the Spring migrant birds returning. And watching Springwatch is a must!

Usually I come really late to any of the Tag posts and therefore most people have already done them. But I haven’t really seen this one round a lot as of yet, so I’m going to tag some people who I would like to see do this tag below.

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And anyone else who wants to do this tag. I’d love to see your answers!


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