Products I’ve Finished – February 2014

Products I’ve Finished

February 2014

So following on from my Products I Want To Finish In 2014 post I decided I was going to do more Products I’ve Finished posts. These probably will not be monthly as I don’t finish things very quickly. But I do have a couple of things to share with you, with my thoughts on them, and typically none of the items are included on my Products I Want To Finish List. I have been using some of the items on that list though, so some of them at least should appear in a Products I’ve Finished post soon. I’m quite proud of myself with how well I’ve been doing with them.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 002

I’ve finished two candles this month, both from Bath & Body Works. The first one is Cinnamon Frosting, which I really enjoyed. The other one was Autumn Day. This was okay, but it was a bit strong for my liking. I think I like the bakery scents more. These were both the three wick candles.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 010

I’ve finished two packets of make up wipes. Both of these were from Johnson’s. One pack were the moisturising wipes and the other pack were the extra sensitive wipes. They both done there job well but I liked the moisturising wipes better and am already on to another packet of these.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 007

I have finished two hand gels. The first one was from Carex and was in the original scent. I really do like the original scent, it’s nice and fresh. And I also used up a Bath & Body Works PocketBac anti-bacterial gel in the scent Island Nectar. This smelt amazing and is so summery. My colleagues at work loved the scent, and I had lots of help using it up as I kept it on my desk at work.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 012

It’ll be very unusual for you to see any hair care products in my Products I’ve Finished posts as I usually just use whatever my parents have bought which stays in the shower. However I have had two sample sizes of conditioner which I have finished this month. The first was an intensive repair conditioner from Dove and the second was the Glad Hair Day conditioner from Soap and Glory. I really enjoyed both of these.
Products I've Finished Feb 14 014

I’ve finished a box of cotton buds this month, which I use for clean up whenever I paint my nails. These ones were from Superdrug, but when I run out I just buy from whatever shop I see them in first.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 017

As is usual for most months I have finished a bottle of nail varnish remover. This is the usual nail varnish remover I use from Elegant Touch, which has been shown on my blog before. I love this stuff.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 019

And finally I have finished the Express Moisture Hand Cream with Sea Minerals hand cream from Avon. I didn’t really like this and probably would not repurchase this product. I was quite glad when it was finished and I now have my Soap and Glory Hand Food on my desk at work.

Products I've Finished Feb 14 021


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