Nails of the Month – February 2014

Nails of the Month

February 2014

With changing my shifts at work to work longer days with a Thursday off, I haven’t had as much time as I used to to paint my nails. The first colour I did wear this month was Illamasqua’s Faux Pas. I wore this with a topcoat as it does dry to a satin finish on its own. I had to take the photo of this without the flash on my camera as it was totally messing with the colour, so please forgive the slight blurriness on the photo.

Illamasqua Faux Pax

Next I wore Sonnetarium’s Blueberry Yoghurt. You can click here to read my review of this nail varnish.

Sonnetarium Blueberry Yoghurt

Then I layered Lac Attack’s Dobby The Free Elf over Illamasqua’s Elope. There is no photo of this design as I was right at the end of my topcoat and it was too thick and bubbled awfully.

Next I wore Models Own Valerian with top coat. This is fast becoming one of my favourite nail varnishes.

Models Own Valerian (with topcoat)

Next I wore A-England’s Holy Grail. This is the new edition of this nail varnish. I do have the old limited edition version as well.

A-England Holy Grail

After that I wore Butter London’s Victoriana. You can click here to see my thoughts in this nail varnish.

Butter London Victoriana

I was definitely into the blues and greens this month as next I wore Color Club’s Angel Kiss. I’m glad the flash was able to capture the holographicness (is that even a word?) of this nail varnish as it is simply stunning when the light hits it.

Color Club Angel Kiss

Then I wore Topshop’s Gilted. I got a lot of compliments from my work colleagues when I wore this. Many of my work colleagues are ladies who are older than myself and they therefore aren’t as adventurous with nail varnish as I am and they really liked this colour. I got a few comments that this was quite a different colour for me to be wearing!

Topshop Gilted

The last nail look I wore this month was to create a jelly sandwich with China Glaze’s Ride The Waves and Picture Polish’s Splash. This was amazing, it had so much depth. However, my camera did not like it at all and all the photos I took make my nails look a lot lighter than they were and have messed with the colour completely. I only got one half decent colour without the flash.

Ride The Waves and Splash Jelly Sandwich


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