Nail Varnish Review – Butter London Victoriana

Nail Varnish Review

Butter London – Victoriana

Butter London’s Victoriana is a new nail varnish to my collection. I’ve wanted this nail varnish for such a long time. Partly because of the colour, but also because of the name which is obviously similar to mine, Victoria (not that I usually get called that, lets stick to Vicki shall we?).

Butter London Victoriana

Victoriana is a dusky blue with green undertones and absolutely packed with silver shimmer. The colour is gorgeous on its own, but the silver just adds a little bit of dimension to the varnish. The shimmer isn’t holographic, so it doesn’t sparkle as such when the light hits it which I’m really glad about as I don’t think that would look as nice with the base colour.

Application with this was super easy, the formula was perfect and it just glided on to the nail. You could probably get away with one coat and get it completely opaque, but I always add a second coat. One thing I’m not completely keen on with Butter London nail varnishes is the bottle lid. They look really great with there rectangular shaped bottle and matching lid, but once you take off that lid to get to the small rounded one you hold the apply the varnish, it is a little small and could therefore can make application a little tricky. I do love the size of Butter London’s brushes, they are a perfect size for my nails (which are pretty small).

One thing I will say is that I got some minor chip wear with this nail varnish within a day. However, I’m wearing my nails a little longer than I normally would and I’ve been using a different topcoat, so that could be the reason why, rather than this nail varnish.

I’m really looking forward to wearing this nail varnish again. I think it’s a lovely colour to transition into the beginning of Spring. I’m also looking forward to wearing it with my normal topcoat to see of that helps as I’ve read reviews praising the longevity of this varnish. With that in mind, I would definitely recommend this nail varnish to anyone who likes blue and subtle shimmer.


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