Wardrobe Organisation – Spring 2014

Wardrobe Organisation

Spring 2014

So, this is a really different post for me, and I wondered about posting it for a while. But this is my current wardrobe organisation. And I’m labelling this as of Spring 2014 because it’s almost March and I want Spring to be here already, and this is going to be my organisation for the coming months.

This started when I decided to have a clear out. I’d been wanting to do it for a while, but then we got a charity bag for one of my favourite charities and that gave me the push I needed to sort out my stuff and donate my unused stuff to a good cause. That charity by the way is the Great North Air Ambulance. Now, I have two wardrobes in my room, but only one is for my sole use, the other one has a lot of family stuff in it. I didn’t dare take a before photo of my wardrobe as it was a complete tip, I kept saying I would get round to sorting it and just kept piling stuff in anyway. But here is a picture of my wardrobe when I had yanked everything out of it.

Wardrobe Organisation Spring 2014 (4)

Once everything was out, I ended up with two large piles. One to go to the charity and then another pile which I needed to get back into the wardrobe, neatly. I ended up filling three bags to go to charity. All of the clothes were in good condition, but some of them I had had for years. I had a clear out in about October or November last year and I kept some stuff then with the promise that if I hadn’t worn it in about three months, I would give it away next time. And I had a lot of things like that. I was really quite brutal this time, but my wardrobe totally needed it.

So this is the pile of clothes that went into the charity bags.

Wardrobe Organisation Spring 2014 (2)

And these were the clothes I needed to get back into my wardrobe.

Wardrobe Organisation Spring 2014 (3)

And this is how my wardrobe looked when I was finished.

Wardrobe Organisation Spring 2014 (1)

I was really happy with how this did turn out. On the shelf at the top left are all my work clothes (well the ones which don’t have to be hung up at least). In the top basket shelf below that shelf are my short sleeved t-shirts in two piles. In the bottom basket shelf are all my strap tops, the patterned ones and ones with designs on are in the pile at the back and all the plain coloured ones (which are perfect for layering) are in the pile at the front. On the bottom shelf area couple of pairs of shorts and some leggings. And then on the right hand side of my wardrobe I have the space for everything I need to hang up. From left to right hung up I have short sleeved jumpers, long sleeved jumpers, short sleeved blouses, long sleeved blouses, strap sleeved dresses, short sleeved dresses, long sleeved dresses and my one skirt. And underneath that I have a trouser rack where all of my jeans belong.

Some of the clothes I did keep are gorgeous but I haven’t really worn. I’m known for my casual style and I’m quite self-concious about wearing a skirt or a dress or a pretty blouse, but I am getting better. And since I have gave away such a lot, hopefully that’ll help me reach more for the clothes that I do want to wear more, and just need a little push to do so.

I really hope you enjoy this most and that it might have been useful to someone. I am quite hesitant about posting it as it is completely different to what I would normally post about (nail varnish!). I have bought some pretty clothes over the last year or so though, so I really did need to get the organisation sorted.


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