Nail Varnish Review – Sonnetarium Blueberry Yoghurt

Nail Varnish Review

Sonnetarium Blueberry Yoghurt

I first came across the brand Sonnetarium when I watched a review on Arcadia Nail Art’s YouTube channel. I, almost immediately, went and bought three from Sonnetarium’s website. I got two which Arcadia reviewed – Raspberry Sorbet and Blueberry Yoghurt – and one other one – Strawberry Smoothie. All three are part of the Fresh collection from Spring 2013. These nail varnishes are still available on the Sonnetarium website.

Sonnetarium Blueberry Yoghurt

Blueberry Yoghurt is a blue toned light purple, not quite a periwinkle, with small blue hex glitter and blue shimmer. I can very easily see why they named this Blueberry Yoghurt, it suits it perfectly. When I bought these, I used the other two practically straight away, but this I somehow overlooked, but recently I’ve found myself eyeing it a lot and really wanting to wear it. It is stunningly pretty on the nail, so much so that I had to share my thoughts on it. And although it came out in a Spring collection and it does suit that season, because of the blue tones in it I also think it is really appropriate for winter.

This was quite sheer on the first coat but covered to full opacity with two to three thin coats. It dried really quickly and I had no issues with application. I also like Sonnetarium’s brushes.

For an indie brand, which I had to order internationally, I was really impressed with the price of Sonnetarium’s nail varnishes. I bought the full sized bottles because I’m like that, but there so called mini bottles are really large (9ml) so they are also great value.

So overall, I love this nail varnish, it’s a super pretty colour and I can’t wait to wear it again. I can’t believe it’s took me this long to wear it. And I probably will be looking in to buying more varnishes from Sonnetarium in the future.


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