Nail Varnish Collection – A-England – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection


As of Winter 2013

Next in my nail varnish collection series is my A-England collection. You can see the previous posts in my collection series by clicking here. A-England are one of my favourite nail varnish brands and I would recommend them to anyone. I have so much trouble when I tried to pick my top five for this brand. They have some amazing colours and the formula is just about perfect on all of them. The photos and post of this post were taken and written back in December, but I’ve had so many other posts I wanted to do, this got put to the side for a while, so my A-England collection has changed slightly since this was wrote.

A-England Collection (1)

A-England Collection (2)

In this first row are Merlin, Morgan Le Fay, And The Moonbeams…, Holy Grail (new version) and Holy Grail (Limited Edition old version). And The Moonbeams… is gorgeous and I love the name.

A-England Collection (3)

In this second row are Guinevere, Iseult, She Walks in Beauty, Rose Bower and Perceval. She Walks In Beauty is stunning, and really soft and feminine for a glitter. Rose Bower is the newest varnish to my A-England collection and is so pretty.

A-England Collection (4)

In this third row are Avalon, Lady of the Lake, Ophelia, Jane Eyre and Galahad. Galahad is one of my all time favourite nail varnishes out of all the ones I own and is one of the few crème finishes A-England has. I really wish they would do more, as the formula on Galahad, as with most A-England nail varnish, is amazing.

A-England Collection (5)

In this fourth row are Order of the Garter, Tristam, Lady of Shalott, Dragon and Tess D’Urbervilles. Tristam is also one of my favourite nail varnishes of all time, words can barely describe how much I adore this nail varnish.

A-England Nail Varnish Collection

And in this fifth row are Camelot, Lancelot, Dorian Gray, Ascalon, King Arthur and Saint George. Saint George is such a stunning colour and I adore Dorian Gray as well, I wore it a load back in the autumn of 2012, but it’s been neglected a bit recently, I must wear it again soon. Camelot is the normal black crème varnish I use and if you’ve read any of my nail art posts you’ll have seen it before.


4 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – A-England – Winter 2013

  1. A-England are one of my favourite brands of nail varnish. If you can get your hands on them I can’t recommend them highly enough. xxx

  2. Lol, I knew you’d like this post. 🙂 If you like glitter, then you need to check out She Walks In Beauty, it is stunning. Also And The Moonbeams…, is so, so, so pretty. And for something a little edgier, Dorian Gray looks like steel on the nails. xxx

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