Models Own Haul – January 2014

Models Own Haul

January 2014

So I’d been lusting after a couple of Models Own nail varnishes for a while now and finally on one dull January day (January and February always seem to drag for me when I just want winter to be over) I gave into temptation when I found myself on the Models Own website yet again. There were two nail varnishes I really wanted and it was them I was really looking at and there was another one I was kind of looking at. But if you buy five or more nail varnishes then you get free shipping. And also if you buy five you get £5 off, so basically you get four nail varnishes for the price of five as Models Own nail varnishes are £5. So, long story short I got five nail varnishes for £20 with free shipping, which I think is a really good deal.

I’ve never done a nail varnish haul on my blog before, pretty much because I buy nail varnish almost constantly, something which should probably worry me (and my bank balance), more than it does. But when this package arrived I really wanted to share it because of the super cute packaging it came in. That was the first thing that really impressed me, before I even got into it to see my nail varnishes!

The one which I was half eyeing was Absinthe was the Velvet Goth collection. I also picked up another nail varnish from the Velvet Goth collection, Valerian. I’ve worn both these nail varnishes (with a topcoat because they’re a matte finish something which I don’t like) and I got some really nice comments when I wore them, people really liked them. If I’m honest, I much prefer Valerian to Absinthe and I totally thought it would be the other way round when I bought them as Absinthe was the one I originally wanted. The photos are of Valerian and Absinthe with a top coat.

Models Own Valerian (with topcoat)

Models Own Absinthe (with topcoat)

The two which I really wanted and which I have been eyeing for what seems like a long time are Northern Lights and Southern Lights, both from the Wonderland collection. I love astronomy and the night sky, so when I found out their was a nail varnish called “Northern Lights”, I immediately began to look into it. The are both fine micro glitter nail varnishes, which you can get opaque on their own. In both photos I’ve done three coats and Northern Lights is the photo on the top.

Models Own Northern Lights

Models Own Southern Lights

And the one which I eventually added into my basket as my free nail varnish was Mermaid Tears from the Splash collection. This is a flakey topcoat, which shifts from pink to blue. It was a little tricky to work with and I had to dab it on to get the look I achieved on the photos below. I’ve swatched it over both black and white and that really highlights the colour shift in this varnish. The white I used was Sally Hansen Insta-Dri’s Whirlwind White and the black was A-England’s Camelot.

Mermaid Tears over Whirlwind White

Mermaid Tears over Camelot

9 thoughts on “Models Own Haul – January 2014

  1. Models Own aren’t really a brand I’ve ever paid much attention to and I was really surprised by how many gorgeous nail varnishes they have. I’m completely in love with Valerian and Southern Lights. They’re so reasonably priced as well, so I’d definitely recommend them. xxx

  2. I’m totally eyeing the swatches that have been released of their upcoming Speckled Egg collection. I’m going to have to try so hard to resist when they are released (I’m giving myself two months before I’ve caved and bought them!). They look so pretty! I’ve really started looking at Models Own nail varnishes recently, and am wondering why I didn’t pay them more attention before now, especially considering they’re so easy for me to get my hands on. xxx

  3. I just saw those swatches! They do look nice. I used to pay alot of attention to MO because they had such a great variety but a couple of bottles I bought had such a bad formula that I stopped buying them altogether. However, now your swatches have me wanting them again! 🙂 I’m on a budget so it might be more than two months wait – that’s why I write down all the polishes I want lol

  4. Admittedly I did find the formula on both Valerian and Absinthe a little tricky to work with at first, they are both pretty thick nail varnishes. But once I worked out how much I needed on the brush application was easy. And Valerian in particular has quickly become one of my favourites. And I’m going to need so much restraint, Models Own sent me an email saying they tomorrow on their website you can mix and match 6 nail varnishes for £20, including the new Speckled Eggs collection. I’m so tempted to buy some of them, 6 nail varnishes for £20 is a really good price and I think you’ll get free shipping as well, as I think you have to spend £20 to qualify for that. xxx

  5. Exactally! The formula is too thick for me, even though their polishes are so pretty, I just gave up on them. Well done you for being able to use them – you’re a better polisher than I am 🙂
    Nooo! Why did you tell me that! I’ll have to go shake my money box now Lol 😀
    If you do buy them then I look forward to seeing them on your blog 🙂 (I’ll enjoy them through you – it’s cheaper! 🙂

  6. I’ve managed to resist not buying any for now, but it’s getting hard. 6 for £20 is a really good deal. The thick formula on Valerian and Absinthe are worth the extra work in my opinion. With the glitters Northern Lights and Southern Lights I had no problem with the formula, they’re both really good. I wasn’t really impressed with Mermaid Tears, but I’m classing that as my ‘free’ nail varnish in this haul, so I’m not too disappointed. xxx

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