Nail Art – Winterwatch – Fox

Nail Art



So, I was inspired to do some fox nail art after watching Winterwatch on the BBC. I’m scheduling my posts well ahead because for a trial period my hours at work have changed to ten hour shifts, with Thursday’s off, so I’m not going to have much time to blog on an evening. To digress slightly for a moment, I’ve been really impressed with myself and have lots of posts scheduled and ready to go, so I can stick to posting every other day for now.

Winterwatch aired in the third week of January and mum and I tuned in every night. My only complaint with the shown is that I wish it were on for longer and I’m already looked forward to Springwatch, when we usually get three weeks worth of shows. The foxes, who also appeared in Autumnwatch, were some of the stars of the show this year (mum and I were hoping the beavers would make another appearance, but no such luck). I’ve seen loads of different takes on fox nail art and I thought I’d share my take on them with you.

Fox Nail Art

As with any nail art design I started with a basecoat and I always use A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted all my nails a light, bright blue colour to represent a clear but cold winter sky. The nail varnish I used is one of my all time favourites, Topshop’s World’s End.

Then, with a large dotting tool and a burnt orangey red brown colour, I used Topshop’s Smashing Pumpkin, I created a large semi circle and filled it in on the bottom part of my nail. Then using the same colour and a smaller dotting tool I drew two small triangles and filled them in to represent the foxes ears.

Next, still with the smaller dotting tool and a white nail varnish, I used Zoya’s Snow White, I drew a curved diagonal line from the side of my nail, mid way up the orange colour, to the centre of the tip on my nail on both sides and then filled in the bottom part. This creates the foxes snout. Now at this stage I was trying not to panic as it pretty much looked a mess at this point, so if you do try this design, do not give up!

It immediately looked better when I used a medium sized dotting tool to place a black dot at the tip of my nail in the middle, where the two white parts join, to create the fox’s nose. The black I used was A-England’s Camelot. Then with the same black and a large dotting tool I created two eyes. And then, still with the black, and with the small dotting tool, I drew two diagonal lines on the white to represent the foxes whiskers.

And to complete the look, I drew small brown triangles inside the orangey ones to complete the fox’s ears, I used Essie’s Chocolate Cakes for this. And it really is amazing how this small step completes the look. And to finish off, always use a topcoat and I always use A-England’s The Shield.


6 thoughts on “Nail Art – Winterwatch – Fox

  1. Thank you. It’s so good to hear that someone understands what I’ve wrote when I try to explain how I created the look. The end result can look quite complex, but often I just do my nail art in simple stages. xx

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