Nail Varnish Review – Belle Glamour Harry

Nail Varnish Review

Belle Glamour – Harry

I originally heard about Belle Glamour on The Adorned Claw’s blog when she showed some beautiful swatches from this new English Indie Brand. English Indie brands seem to be far and few between so I instantly went to check them out. I had planned on picking up some of the nail varnishes The Adorned Claw had shown in her swatches but once I was on the Belle Glamour website I discovered a Harry Potter collection. Well, we all knew what was going to happen then, didn’t we?

Belle Glamour Harry (2)

I really want to do this review to share this new Indie Brand but the colours in the Harry Potter collection are limited edition. If you head on over to the Belle Glamour website you may still be able to get this nail varnish still, you may not. But I’m still going to share with you my thoughts of this varnish.

I managed to limit myself to only buying two and this is the only one I’ve tried. Harry is a medium shimmery green colour, with what appears to me to be a slightly foily finish (that’s probably completely wrong but that’s the impression I got). It’s definitely a jewel toned varnish and therefore is definitely something I would gravitate towards in autumn and winter.

This nail varnish was a little thicker than I would normally like and I was careful to apply thin coats. It was very sheer on the first coat but was just about completely opaque with the second. I added a third thin coat just to make sure. You do have to wait between coats otherwise you will end up dragging the nail varnish you’ve already put on off the nail. But that’s only really a problem in you’re trying to paint two coats on to one nail in quick succession, as I did when I messed up on one nail. If you finish all your nails and then go back and add a second coat you’ll be fine.

For the bottle size, they’re only 5ml bottles, the brush is really good. Not the best I’ve ever used, but for such a mini varnish it didn’t cause me any problems. I never wear nail varnish for very long, I change it every day or so, so I can’t really comment too much on how long this will stay on your nails. All I can say is that I wore it for around 20 hours without it chipping on me. And for most of that time I was puppy sitting, so I was quite active and my nails were in use.

Overall this is a lovely shade and I’m always happy to support Indie Brands. And I’m loving that Belle Glamour is based in England. I’m also very tempted my the other colours in the Harry Potter collection. I bought Sirius Black with this one, but I’m going to check out the other ones again. And let me know if you’d be interested in a review on Sirius Black.

Belle Glamour Harry (1)


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