Nail Varnish Review – OPI Kiss Me At Midnight

Nail Varnish Review

OPI – Kiss Me At Midnight

OPI’s Kiss Me At Midnight is one of the liquid sand nail varnishes which are part of Winter 2013’s Mariah Carey collection. It is a bright light blue nail varnish with silver glitter. And with it being a liquid sand nail varnish it does dry to a textured finish.

OPI Kiss Me At Midnight (without topcoat)

Now if anyone read by review of OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks Liquid Sand Nail Varnish then you will know that I am not a fan of textured nail varnish. And that opinion has not changed, I really don’t get the point of it and my nail varnish not feeling smooth against my nails really irritates me. That, however, has not stopped me buying another textured nail varnish.

I honestly couldn’t help myself, it looked such a pretty colour that I had to give it a try. This was completely opaque in two coats and if you done a careful thickish coat you could probably get away with just one. I always try to do thinnish coats and I always do two coats, no matter what. Does anyone else do that even if the varnish seems opaque?

This nail varnish lasted on my nails without a top coat for about 15 minutes at most. Now don’t get me wrong, it looks really pretty when it dries, my problem with wearing it that way is simply that I don’t like the feel of it. I don’t even like the feel of some glitters on my nails and can end up wearing layers of top coat over them to smooth them out, so textured nail varnish was never a trend that was going to suit me. The photo at the top of the post shows Kiss Me At Midnight by itself but then I had to put a top coat on, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to keep it on my nails.

For the first time ever, I tried a trick with topcoat. I’m pretty certain that I first read about this on The PolishAholic’s blog. I put a layer of matte topcoat on first before my normal topcoat. And that stops you needing so many layers of topcoat. And it really did work! One layer of matte topcoat and then two of my normal topcoat and my nails were perfectly smooth to the touch. I can’t remember just how many layers of topcoat I put on when I wore Alcatraz… Rocks, but it was certainly more than three! And I think that Kiss Me At Midnight also looks really pretty with a shiny topcoat, but that may be a slightly biased opinion based on my personal preference. The photo below shows Kiss Me At Midnight with topcoat.

OPI Kiss Me At Midnight (with topcoat)

I wore this nail varnish as a full manicure with topcoat for about twenty four hours. I did experience some tip wear and minimal chipping during that time which I was a tiny bit disappointed with. This could have been because I was wearing it with a topcoat when it’s not really designed to be or it could just be the nail varnish. I didn’t really do anything different or use my nails a lot while wearing this nail varnish, if anything because I wasn’t at work I wasn’t typing all day, so my nails were used less. Has anyone else tried this nail varnish and if so did you experience chipping?

The only textured nail varnish I have to compare this to is OPI’s Alcatraz… Rocks and they are both very similar in both formula and application wise. In my personal opinion, I prefer Alcatraz… Rocks. I simply prefer the colour and it had more sparkle, both with and without topcoat. That’s to say nothing against Kiss Me At Midnight though, which is a lovely nail varnish, I just prefer the other one more. I would definitely recommend Kiss Me At Midnight to any nail varnish lovers, particularly people who do like the textured finish or who like blue sparkly nail varnishes.


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