Nail Varnish Collection – Accessorize – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection


As of Winter 2013

Next up in my Nail Varnish Collection series are my nail varnishes from Accessorize. You can see the previous posts in this collection series by clicking here. I really like Accessorize nail varnishes but I have one rather big complaint with them and that is the bottle. I find the lid quite difficult to hold and that in turn makes it slightly awkward to paint my nails. I try not to let that stop me though, as they have some gorgeous colours. I don’t know about the availability of these nail varnishes outside of the UK but I either bought mine from Accessorize itself or one of my local Superdrug stores has an Accessorize display.

Accessorize Collection (1)

Accessorize Collection (2)

In this first row are Carnival, Wyoming, Dragonfly, Teal, Damselfly and Midnight Blue. Carnival is a yellowy green colour which I’ve used in my two Wimbledon manicures to represent tennis balls (which you can see here and here). Wyoming was pretty much bought for the name, as I love America.

Accessorize Collection (3)

In this second row are Utah, Ivory Lace, Butterfly, Colorado, School Skirt and Jupiter. School Skirt is one of my favourite dark grey nail varnishes, especially for winter. Utah and Colorado were also partly bought for their names, especially Colorado as it is a state I have been lucky enough to visit. It is a gorgeous nail varnish though and features in my Atlantis Nail Art post.

Accessorize Collection (4)

And in this third row are Fireworks, Nevada, Bumble Bee, Tuscan Clay, Ladybird and Aztec. Aztec is simply amazing, there is no other way to describe it. I have a full review on Nevada here, and I love Tuscan Clay as well.


2 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Accessorize – Winter 2013

  1. I love Accessorize nail polishes. I too have Damselfly, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bumblebee, Ladybird and Aztec. The lid doesn’t bug me at all. I like that the formulas and the brushes are easy to work with.

  2. I find the handles pretty awkward to hold and I’m not the neatest when painting my nails, but it could be worse. And I’m not going to let the lid stop me, I love their colours and the formulas. Aztec is simply amazing! x

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