Haul – Zara, Boots, Superdrug and Avon – December 2013


Zara, Boots, Superdrug and Avon

December 2013

I have such a back log of posts that this is a haul from the beginning of December. Most of this was on a Christmas shopping trip and although I did buy some presents I also got myself a few things.

The only thing I bought from Superdrug was this lipstick from Sleek Makeup. I very rarely wear lipstick but I really wanted a nude colour and this was the one I liked out of all the ones I looked at and it’s in the shade Liqueur.

Best of Beauty 2013 (2)

Everything I got from Boots was pretty much an essential. I was with my mum on this shopping trip and we were both out of makeup wipes. I would usually use the wipes from Simple but the ones my mum uses from Johnson’s were on offer so we bought some of them. Because they were on offer I ended up with two packs. I got a pack of the moisturising ones and a pack of the extra-sensitive ones to try. I’ve currently tried the moisturising ones and I’m liking them a lot more than my Simple ones, I don’t think I’ll be changing back.

December 2013 Haul (2)

Also from Boots I stocked up on nail varnish remover. This is the normal remover I used from Elegant Touch which is often hard to find in my local area so I’ll often buy a back up when I see it as I go through nail varnish remover really quickly.

Colours of the Rainbow Tag (12)

And finally from Boots I also needed some cotton pads and since we were in the shop I grabbed them as well. They were also on offer, which is why I’ve got two packs.

December 2013 Haul

I mentioned to my mum that I was out of hand cream for my desk at work and she surprised me with this tube from Avon when she next ordered. It is the Express Moisture Hand Cream with Sea Minerals. The scent is very faint but it is a nice smell and I’m looking forward to using it. I haven’t tried it yet, I must remember to put it in my work bag.

December 2013 Haul (1)

And finally, the splurge items from Zara. I got myself a pair of jeans and a top. The jeans are super skinny, black and have a dark grey floral pattern on them. These totally aren’t something I would usually wear but I fell in love and my mum and sister said they looked good. They’ll go really nicely with a plain top if any colour if I want something a little more dressy when I go out.

December 2013 Haul (3)

Also from Zara I got this long sleeved lace top. On the front it has this really cool patterned picture with splashes of bright colour and the sleeves and back are made completely from black lace.

December 2013 Haul (4)


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