Tag – Would You Rather… Beauty Edition – January 2014

Would You Rather… Tag

Beauty Edition

Januray 2014

So I was tagged to do this by both Benita and Gingerlovesmakeup and it looks like such a fun tag to do. If you haven’t checked out either of their blogs, then you really need to! Now, I’m much more of a nail varnish wearer than a makeup wearer but I’m thinking that 2014 is going to be the year when I wear makeup more than ever before. So onto the tag questions…

1. Would you rather lose all of your Mascaras, Eyeliners, Lipsticks and Lipglosses or lose all of your Palettes and Eyeshadows?

And straight away with the first question and I’m struggling to answer it! I think I’d probably go with losing all of my Palettes and Eyeshadows though.

2. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

This is an easy question for my to answer. As much as my hair can be very difficult to manage at times, it would actually be worse if it was short (it would grow outwards, instead of downwards, and the triangle look is so not flattering, trust me!) So I would go with never being able to cut it again. My hair is pretty long right now as it is and I love it when I have the time to straighten it. Otherwise it just stays back in some form of a plait.

3. Would you rather have a Coral Cheek or a Pink Cheek?

A Pink Cheek, especially in winter.

4. If you had £1000 to spend would you rather buy Clothes or Makeup?

If makeup doesn’t include nail varnish than I would choose clothes. If makeup includes nail varnish then I’d go crazy and buy all those nail varnishes I’m lusting over but can’t afford or justify buying!

5. Would you rather apply Lipstick as Eyeliner or Eyeliner as Lipstick?

Either would be really strange but applying Lipstick as Eyeliner would be really difficult, so I’ll go with Eyeliner as Lipstick which might actually be manageable!

6. Would you rather only shop at Mac or Sephora?

I’ve never shopped at either, so I honestly wouldn’t know.

7. Would you rather only use one Eyeshadow colour or one Lip Colour for the rest of your life?

One Eyeshadow colour, I pretty much always wear the same one now anyway and very rarely change it.

8. Would you rather wear Winter Clothes in Summer or Summer Clothes in Winter?

Summer Clothes in Winter, because I can always pair my favourite summer tops with a cardigan or jumper and layer up.

9. Would you rather have Dark Nails or Bright Nails all year round?

This is more difficult to answer, if you know me at all then you know I adore nail varnish. I’d probably have to go with Bright Nails though, I think there’s more selection.

10. Would you rather give up your favourite Lip Product or your favourite Eye Product?

I don’t really have any all out favourites at the moment for either my eyes or my lips so it wouldn’t really matter to me, I’d probably be able to replace whatever it was I gave up with something else.

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a Ponytail or a Messy Bun?

I never really wear my hair in either. I’d probably say Ponytail because then I can do all sorts of fun braids and styles in the Ponytail.

12. Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?

Do I really need to dignify this with an answer?! I would never use lipgloss again, I cannot give up my nail varnish.

13. Would you rather shave your eyebrow’s and have none at all or Sharpie them in everyday?

Absolutely neither is an option! Never going to happen!

14. Would you rather live without Makeup or Nail Varnish?

Again, do I need to dignify this with an answer? I would give up makeup in a heartbeat to keep my nail varnish.

I’m pretty late in posting this tag because I’ve got a couple of posts scheduled which I want to get up before this one, so most people have already completed this tag. If anyone hasn’t and hasn’t been tagged yet then consider yourself so and let me know if you do complete this tag because I would love to read your answers.


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