Nail Varnish Review – Zoya Dream

Nail Varnish Review

Zoya – Dream

This is the newest Zoya nail varnish to my collection and it’s part of the Holiday 2013 Zenith collection. You can see all the Zoya nail varnishes I own in this collection post here. Dream is a deep blue colour filled with holographic silver glitter, very similar to Aurora and Storm from last years Ornate collection. It was really funny I was just thinking that I wanted to create a night sky effect on my nails over the holiday period and I was wishing for a nail varnish like Storm but in a blue colour. And then I began to see pictures of Dream on blogs I read and I knew I had to have it. I didn’t even really stop to think about it, didn’t look into whether the formula was good or anything like that, I just went straight onto eBay and bought it.

Zoya Dream

The formula on this nail varnish was really good and was completely opaque with two coats. Occasionally I can find that Zoya nail varnishes can be a bit thin and watery but I had no such problems with Dream. Like I said, this was completely opaque in two coats, you could probably get away with one if you do fairly thick coats. However, when I wore this alone I did three coats because with each coat the blue colour deepens and as much as I love this varnish with only one coat, I love it more the deeper the blue goes. I would probably even consider doing four coats, although I haven’t tried it like that yet.

As with all Zoya nail varnishes, I love the brush. But that really is personal preference. I have quite small nails and therefore prefer a thinner brush.

I’ve already used this nail varnish several times within a month and a half and for me that is a sign of a good nail varnish because if you’ve read any of my Nail Varnish Collection posts you’ll be getting the idea I have an extensive collection and am spoilt for choice. You can also click here to see my Reindeer Nail Art post, in which Dream features. It also featured in my Snowman nail art which can be seen in my December Nails of the Month post and in my most recent Doctor Who Nail Art. I also have future plans for this nail varnish. I really want to do a gradient manicure with this nail varnish and with Aurora and Storm, the two nail varnishes I have from the Ornate collection which are the same as Dream but in purple and black shades. In my mind that would look really pretty.

But Dream is a really pretty nail varnish by itself. But maybe that’s because I’m a dreamer myself and I love the night sky, which is what this nail varnish reminds me of perfectly. If I had to choose my Top Five Zoya Nail Varnishes again, Dream would now take the top spot. Along with the gradient I have planned I also want to experiment and layer this over a black nail varnish to see if that deepens the colour any. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing anything like that.

So overall, if you’ve never tried Zoya nail varnishes before, or if you can only choose one from the new collection, I would recommend Dream. And from looking through blogs recently, I don’t believe I’m the only one who would. This colour seems to be quite popular, and rightly so.


11 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Review – Zoya Dream

  1. Gorgeous nail polish. I don’t have any Zoya at all, think I shall look out for it though. Have a great weekend. Teresa x

  2. Zoya are a brilliant nail varnish brand but I’ve had to buy all of mine online as I haven’t been able to find them here in England. I hope you have a brilliant weekend x

  3. I’ve worn it a couple of times and have never had problems with staining that I can remember, it’s about two weeks or so since I last wore this nail varnish. It can be a little difficult to remove due to the amount of glitter in it, but I found if I held a cotton pad soaked in nail varnish against my nail for a couple of minutes it came off easily.

  4. The removal wasn’t too bad, I’ve had worse (yes, I’m looking at you Nails Inc Feathers collection!) but I didn’t look like I’d killed a smurf when I took it off. I think Zoya pretty much got it spot on with this nail varnish as I want to wear it so much and I’m not worried about application or removal or anything like that, I just reach for it when I want to wear it (I’m probably almost a quarter of a way down my bottle already, which for me is an achievement!).

  5. It’s mine as well at the moment. I have such a large nail varnish collection that I could wear a different colour every day for a year, but I keep going back to this one currently. It’s absolutely stunning.

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