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Nail Art


So, my mum, my younger sister and I were pretty disappointed last winter when the TV series Merlin ended. I still can’t quite believe it was on for five series though – were did those five years go?! Anyway, this winter there was a new drama series on BBC. Atlantis. My younger sister had moved out by the time it aired but mum and I very quickly fell in love with show. I in particular adore mythology and ancient history and I get a lot of that from my mum so it was probably a given that we were going to enjoy the show. And may I just say one thing? Jack Donnelly!!!

I knew I wanted to do some nail art for the season finale, but with Christmas and family visits and work, I didn’t actually get to do it until the New Year. I did a quick google search but couldn’t find that anyone has done an Atlantis nail art, so maybe I’m the first. I stuck to a pretty simple design, which to be honest of anyone saw they wouldn’t know it was nail art based on the BBC programme Atlantis. Each of my four fingers represent one of the main characters and my thumb Atlantis itself.

Atlantis Nail Art

On my thumb I painted a design to represent the citadel of Atlantis, my index finger represents the character of Hercules with his shirt and tunic, my middle finger the character of Jason with his distinctive necklace, my ring finger Pythagoras with his triangles and my little finger Ariadne with her beautiful blue dress.

As always with any nail design you need to start with a basecoat and the one I always use is A-England’s The Knight. Then I painted my thumb a light to medium blue colour, I used A-England’s Galahad, my index finger an orangey brown colour to represent the colour of the shirt Hercules usually wears under his tunic, I used China Glaze’s Desert Haze, my middle finger a nude colour to represent skin, I used Nails Inc’s Chalk Farm Road, my ring finger a light grey colour to represent the tunic Pythagoras usually wears, I used Accessorize’s Colorado which has a lovely subtle pink to gold shimmer in it and my little finger a bright deep blue colour to represent the gorgeous dress Ariadne wore in several episodes this series and I used China Glaze’s Splish Splash.

To start on my thumb I painted an up and down line to represent how the city’s walls would look and then filled in all the space below that line with a sandy colour, I used China Glaze’s Kalahari Kiss. Then I used a deep shimmery blue colour to draw wavy lines on the blue that was still visible on my nail to represent the sea, I used Models Own’s Dream Stream for this. Then I drew small rectangles in varying shades of light brown and yellow over the sandy colour on my nails to represent the brick work of the citadel’s walls. The nails varnishes I used for this were American Apparel’s Palm Springs, Model’s Own’s Sun Kissed, China Glaze’s Fast Track and Nails Inc’s Chalk Farm Road.

My index finger was dedicated to the character of Hercules and my idea was to show his orangey coloured shirt and the brown jerkin he wears over the top. Taking a medium brown nail varnish, I used American Apparel’s Cocoa, I drew a V shape at the top of my nail and then filled the bottom part in with the brown. Then with a darker brown nail varnish, I used American Apparel’s Raccoon, and drew two diagonal lines parallel to the original V shape to complete Hercules jerkin.

My middle finger was dedicated to the lead character and hero of the series, Jason. The first thing I thought of with the character Jason was his necklace, the symbol of Atlantis. I done this against a nude background because obviously mostly you see the necklace against his skin. It could have done with being a little darker as he’s tanned but Chalk Farm Road was the best I had. Then with a blacken gold nail varnish, I used A-England’s Holy Grail (the new version), I began by drawing a horizontal line across the nail towards the top of my nail and then drew two curved lines coming down from that. And that completes the necklace. When I originally planned this design in my mind that was all I was going to do, but I seemed to have a large expanse at the bottom of my nail so I added a French Tip in a dark brown colour, I used American Apparel’s Raccoon, to represent the leather top Jason sometimes wears (when he isn’t shirtless!).

My index finger was for Pythagoras, one of my favourite characters in the entire series. And for Pythagoras I kept it simple, basically with just a triangle! All I done was with a black nail varnish, I used A-England’s Camelot, and a small dotting tool was draw a fairly largish triangle on my nail. As stated above, the base colour I used also reminded me of the grey tunic Pythagoras often wore.

And my little finger was inspired by the Princess Ariadne and the gorgeous blue dress with gold detailing around the waist that she often wore. So with my blue base dry, I took a gold nail varnish, I used Barry M’s Gold Foil, and a small nail art brush, I drew two horizontal lines across the middle of my nail leaving a gap in between them. In that gap I drew a zigzagged line. This isn’t exactly the same as the pattern on Ariadne’s dress but it is similar. I was originally going to leave it at that but the nail looked a bit bare so I drew horizontal gold lines at the top and bottom of my nails as well.

And finally I finished with a topcoat, I used A-England’s The Shield. So what does everyone think? Did anyone watch Atlantis? And if so what did you think of it and do you think my nail art suits the characters?

Atlantis Nail Art


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