Nail Varnish Collection – Barry M – Winter 2013

Nail Varnish Collection

Barry M

As of Winter 2013

Next up in my Nail Varnish Collection series is Barry M. You can see previous posts in my collection series by clicking here. I love Barry M as a nail varnish brand, and I own quite a lot of them. Here in the UK they are super affordable and they have a wide variety of colours and I very rarely have problems with their formula. I have several from the normal line, and several from there newish Gelly Hi-Shine line. Barry M are something of my go-to brand if I’m looking for a certain shade in a crème finish. I do really want to get my hands on their new glitters though and since Santa didn’t bring them for Christmas I may have to treat myself. You can also see my Top Five Barry M nail varnishes by clicking here.

Barry M Collection (1)

Barry M Collection (2)

In this first row are Black Croc Effects, Black Shatter, Gold Mine Glitter, Ruby Glitter, Blackberry and Blue Grape. I really like the idea of the Croc effects nail varnish, when I can get it to work. I have on a few occasions and it looks really pretty. Ruby Glitter has become a favourite when I started layering it over light colours instead of dark ones.

Barry M Collection (3)

In the second row are Watermelon, Teal, Blue Moon, Cyan Blue, Cobalt Blue and Superdrug Xmas 2012 Limited Edition A. I love blue nail varnishes and both Cyan Blue and Cobalt blue are done of the oldest nail varnishes in my collection and also some of the most used.

Barry M Collection (4)

In the third row are Sour Apple, Guava, Greenberry, Racing Green, Superdrug Xmas 2012 Limited Edition B and Mint Green. Sour Apple is pretty much an exact dupe for the Nails Inc Feather nail varnish in Brighton. I love this row so much, especially Guava and Greenberry. Guava bagged itself number one stop in my Top Five post and Greenberry was very unlucky not to be included.

Barry M Collection (5)

In this fourth row are Papaya, Dolly Mixture, Lemon Ice-Cream, Acid Yellow, SLE2013B and Key Lime. SLE2013B was a huge favourite of mine over the summer and I’m already looking forward to next spring and summer when I can wear it again.

Barry M Collection (6)

In the fifth row are Web Effects, Block Orange, Flamingo Pink, Pink Shatter, SLE2013A and Strawberry Ice-Cream. The Web Effects nail varnish would be cool if I could get it to work but I’ve never managed it. It was a present from my sister though so I don’t want to get rid of it.

Barry M Collection (7)

In the sixth row are Indigo, Dusky Mauve, Cappuccino, Lilac Foil, Berry Ice-Cream and Rose Quartz Glitter. Rose Quartz Glitter looks lovely as an accent nail with a pale pink varnish, Butter London’s Teddy Girl is my favourite to pair it with.

Barry M Collection (8)

In this seventh row are Amethyst Glitter, Jewel Britannia, Raspberry, Burgundy Croc Effects, Gold Shatter and Gold Foil. Jewel Britannia was a limited edition last summer for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. I looked for ages in all the shops near me to find it before caving in and buying it online from the Boots website.

Barry M Collection (9)

And finally in this eighth row are Silver Foil and Boots Limited Edition. I’m pretty certain I got the Boots Limited Edition as part of some offer as for some reason I buy most of my Barry M nail varnishes from Superdrug and not from Boots.


18 thoughts on “Nail Varnish Collection – Barry M – Winter 2013

  1. Barry M nail polishes are definitely the best in terms of the range of colours they offer. However, I find they chip really easily and don’t last that long. Any tips? x

  2. I love Barry M nail varnishes as well, as you can probably tell from the size of my collection. They are some of the ones I reach for most often aswell. And I don’t feel guilty buying them because they’re not that much. And thank you, I’d noticed you’d tagged me, I’m really going to enjoy doing that post 🙂

  3. I always use a decent topcoat, that helps. I change my nail varnish so often though that most times it doesn’t have the time to start chipping, I also keep my nails really short which helps. Other than that I can’t really say anything else.

  4. I look forward to reading it 🙂 i know what you mean about Barry M there a fab price i need to add lot’s more too my collection this year ,have you tried the denim effect? c

  5. The Web effects is difficult to use, I’ve only really managed it once and it looks pretty much the same as the Croc effects. I’ve only really kept it because my sister gave it to me as a present, and you new know, it may come in useful one day!

  6. Ah okay, I’ve never tried any of the croc effects. I only have some shatter ones from opi which I love. Recently I got opi black spotted which is apparently quite rare and is similar to shatters but gives spots. I found it in my local cheap shop for 6quid haha

  7. Ok, that spotted nail varnish sounds amazing. The Croc ones are tricky to use as the effect only works if your base colour is touch dry. When I can get it work properly it looks really good.

  8. I’ve never seen them before. Sounds interesting. It was in a shop called the origina factory shop, if you have one near you it’s worth a look. They had essie for 99p and opi for 6quid.

  9. Can’t say I’ve ever seen that shop, unfortunately, although that doesn’t really surprise me. We’re pretty limited on choice in the immediate area. I’ll keep an eye out if I go anywhere else though because Essie for 99p? That’s really good. I usually check out places like T K Maxx and T J Hughes for good deals on OPI – I got You Don’t Know Jacques for about £4.

  10. Ooh I never knew tj hughes did opi. Must check them out. They only had two or three essie colours, but I think they had more before Christmas. Have you tried any magnetic ones from essie? Fragrance direct have them for 2.50 but there’s mixed reviews

  11. T J Hughes is pretty hit and miss, or at least mine is, but I have got both OPI and Essie from there on occasion. I haven’t tried any of the magnetic ones from Essie. I’ve only ever tried one magnetic nail varnish before and that was from Barry M. I ended up giving it away because I simply couldn’t get it to work!

  12. No I haven’t tried the Denim effect, it looks interesting though. I really want some of their new glitters. Their new Matte line also looks really good, but I’m not overly keen on a matte finish so I don’t know if I’ll try them or not. x

  13. I certainly don’t need any, but need and want are two very different things and I know if I find a good deal I probably won’t be able to resist!

  14. I like the paler color’s of the Matte line more then the darker shade’s, and i have tried there textured glitter line as i loved the pastel one’s in the summer xx

  15. Nice collection! I’ve only just recently started buying Barry M off Asos because they aren’t available locally and every time I buy one I get another, each one is prettier than the last – I spied a few more that I need in your collection 🙂

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