Nail Art – Doctor Who – The Time of the Doctor

Nail Art

Doctor Who – The Time of the Doctor

Matt Smith’s Last Episode as the Doctor

Christmas Day 2013

So, if you saw my Nail Art post for the 50th Anniversary programme, then you know I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. So, I wasn’t going to let Matt Smith’s last episode as the Doctor pass without some nail art. So this is the design I came up with. I wasn’t completely happy with how this came out but I was short on time and it is fairly decent (otherwise I wouldn’t be sharing it!).

The Time of the Doctor Nail Art

So on my thumb I created a clock face to signify that the Eleventh Doctor’s time is ending and Twelfth’s is beginning, I loved the poem and that is what inspired this. “And now it’s time for one last bow, like all your other selves, eleven’s hour is over now, the clock is striking twelve’s.” On my index finger I created a bow tie because “bow ties are cool”. On my middle finger I created a galaxy. On my ring finger I created a Fez, because as any Doctor Who fan knows, the Eleventh Doctor cannot walk past a fez. And on my little finger I created a delek, the Doctor’s arch enemy.

I started by painting my thumb gold, I used A-England’s Holy Grail (the old limited edition version), my index finger a holographic silver colour (I used Ozotic’s 533), my middle finger black (I used A-England’s Camelot), my ring finger a metallicy silver (I used Picture Polish’s Mirage) and my little finger a steel grey colour (I used A-England’s Ascalon).

I began on my thumb by creating a large circle, you could use a nail art brush or the brush of the actual nail varnish to do this, but I personally used a large dotting tool. The white I used was Zoya’s Snow White. Once that had dried I used the smallest dotting tool I had (you could also use a nail art brush) and very carefully outline that white circle with a black nail varnish (A-England’s Camelot). Then I created a small black dot in the middle of the circle with a line coming out the top of it pointing to the top of the circle. On the top of that line I put two small diagonal lines to create the clock hand pointing to 12. I then placed dots on either side of the white circle and at the bottom to represent where 3, 6 and 9 would be on the clock face (I wasn’t even going to attempt numbers!).

Once my base colour had dried on my index finger I took my small dotting tool again and my black nail varnish (again A-England’s Camelot) and began by drawing a circle in the middle of my nail. I then drew two small vertical lines on either side of my nail and connected them to the circle with two diagonal lines and that created the bow tie. I then filled in the bow tie with a red nail varnish (Essie’s Head Mistress), making sure there was still a black outline.

I know I’ve said it before but galaxy nails are really easy to create. Once the black had dried on my middle finger I used a make up sponge and some white nail varnish (Zoya’s Snow White) and sponged it on to the middle of my nail. Then I sponged a dark blue with glitter in it on either side of the white (I used Zoya’s dream). Then I sponged some yellow and pink randomly over the white (I used Zoya’s Jacqueline and Zoya’s Savannah). Then I used my smallest dotting tool and the white again to dot on some small stars. Finally I added a glitter top coat (I used INM’s Out The Door in Holographic Silver) to add more stars and it’s finished. Super, super easy and it looks amazing.

The Fez was definitely the most difficult part of this design and I wasn’t 100% thrilled with how this turned out. Again I used a small dotting tool to draw the design but you can just as easily use a nail art brush or even a toothpick. With black (I used A-England’s Camelot) I began by making a small oval shape towards the top of my nail and then drew two slightly curved vertical lines going down from either side of that and connected them together at the bottom with another slightly curved line. Then I filled this in with red (again I used Essie’s Head Mistress). Then I added the tassel to the top of the hat in black.

Once my base colour on my little finger had dried I used a nail art brush and a black nail varnish (A-England’s Camelot) and drew two horizontal lines near the top of my nail. Above that I used a dotting tool to make a black dot and then placed a smaller white dot inside the black one (and again I used A-England’s Camelot and Zoya’s Snow White). Then using my largest dotting tool and a light blue nail varnish I created a row of dots underneath the horizontal lines (I used Zoya’s Jo) and that I’d the Dalek complete.

And finally to complete the entire look I finished with a top coat (I used A-England’s The Shield).


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