Outfit of the Day – Casual Christmas Day At Home With The Family

Outfit of the Day

Casual Christmas Day At Home With The Family

I really enjoy doing outfit of the day posts and I thought what better day to do it for than for Christmas Day? My style for Christmas Day is pretty much smart casual. The morning is spent in pyjamas but then my grandparents always come for dinner and I need to look presentable even if I don’t leave the house.

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (2)

I don’t know why I plan out ahead of time what I’m going to wear on Christmas Day because it never goes to plan. I did have my outfit planned out but it’s always the case that my mum has bought me a really cool top or a good pair of jeans or something and I end up wearing them instead. This year was no different!

I did wear the jeans I was planning on wearing though, which were these black, high-waisted skinny jeans from Henry Holland. These are currently my favourite jeans and if anyone has read any of my previous Outfit of the Day posts then you’ll know I love Henry Holland. I love these jeans because they are so skinny, but they’re also really comfortable.

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (1)

With the jeans I wore a one of my Christmas presents, which is this slightly over-sized t-shirt from River Island which my mum got me. It has a blue, dark grey and purple plaid print on it, a big black heart in the centre and says “tear away” above the heart. The short sleeves are rolled over at the end to show the white underneath.

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (3)

I did have a pair of boots on for a while (to take my sister’s puppy outside) but that is basically it. Just nice and simple. Usually I would wear my fish necklace on Christmas Day, but we were running late on Christmas morning and I completely forgot. I did manage to put on my Pandora bracelet though, I have the dark grey braided one which loops round your wrist twice. I only have four charms on it, one of which was a Christmas present, but I do love it.

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (4)

I did remember to squirt on my new perfume though. I knew I was getting this and my mum has had it wrapped and hidden away for weeks and I’ve been desperate to get my hands on it. It’s Diesel’s Loverdose Tattoo perfume.

Outfit of the Day Christmas 2013 (5)

And here’s a picture of me sharing a cuddle with my sister’s puppy on Christmas Day.

Christmas Day 2013

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