Body Wash Review – Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash

Body Wash Review

Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash

Okay, so I got this body wash with a Beauty Bay order and I’ve completely fallen in love! I paid an extra £1.50 for the premier service which Beauty Bay offers, which means your order leaves the warehouse more quickly and you get a free sample. I admit that I only done this so it took me over the threshold for free shipping, as the cost of shipping would have been more than £1.50, so it made sound financial sense. Since I had ordered nail varnish from Beauty Bay I had naively assumed that the sample product would be a mini base or top coat or a nail file or something like that. So when I opened the package and pulled this out I was a bit “meh” and not really interested in it. My, how opinions can change.

Peter Roth Thomas Mega-Rich Body Wash

As I’m want to do when I get products like this, I idly unscrewed the lid to smell it and I think that’s when I began to fall in love. I will admit to never having even heard of Peter Thomas Roth until this arrived in my parcel and then I had to do a google search to find out more. Let’s just say it’s definitely a brand at the higher end of my price range, but it does have some really good reviews and I am quite curious to try more products from this brand.

The shower gel is from his mega rich line and has little beads in it to help moisturise. And it really does work, my skin really did feel softer after I had used it. That’s one of the things I love about this body wash, it really does deserve the name “mega-rich”.

But the thing I really love about this body wash is the scent. Now, I am hopeless at describing scents, but this is definitely a citrus scent. And to me it is a sour citrus scent, which reminds me of grapefruit (but that’s probably just me) and it’s a really refreshing scent. To me the scent is nice all year round, in the winter the sour hint reminds me of the cold days, in spring it’s fresh and is reminiscent of spring days with a hint of warmth in the air, in summer the citrus scent helps you feel cool and in autumn it’s perfect for harvest time.

One thing I’m not overly keen on is the top on the bottle. It’s one of the one’s you’ve got to screw on and off, which, let’s be honest, can be a little tricky when you’re in the middle of a shower. Especially if, like me, you’re as blind as a bat when you’ve took your contact lenses out and can hardly see what you’re doing. But that’s a minor thing really and comes down to personal preference.

The sample size I got was a fairly decent size, I got around five uses out of it. I’ve looked online since to see how much a full size bottle costs and I really am debating spending the £13.50 for a 250ml bottle on Beauty Bay. But that is really expensive for a body wash. But I did love it so much and it did really help skin (especially on my legs) that I’m thinking it may be worth it. However, I also know that I’ll probably place another nail varnish order on Beauty Bay soon, so I may get the premier service again and see if I get this again as a free sample. Or I may get something else which I also fall completely in love with.

So overall, I love this body wash, both it’s moisturising content and it’s scent. But I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth the price tag for a full bottle. I may need to buy a bottle and use it for a longer period before I can decide if it’s worth the price tag. However, if you are in the market for a good body wash and don’t mind the price tag then I totally recommend this.


2 thoughts on “Body Wash Review – Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Wash

  1. I love this stuff! I have never bought it though… Ready for the confession?… When I’m staying in the Hitlon Hotels I nab them from the rooms! I’ve maybe only used like a teeny bit out of the bottle, but I’ll hide so it looks like I’ve finished it and write a wee note asking for two bottles as I shower twice a day (even though the bottle does way more than two washes…). So I stash the new ones and just use the one that I’ve already opened. How terrible is that! And they probably so know what I’m up to, but who cares – I’m paying enough for the room!

  2. I totally don’t blame you for doing that! And if I ever stay at the Hilton I will totally be doing the same. I’m very tempted to place another order on Beauty Bay (as if I ever need an excuse to buy more nail varnish!) to see if I can get another sample.

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